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Indian Destination Wedding Locations Your Guests Will Love Obviously

Indian Destination Wedding Locations Your Guests Will Love Obviously

Over the years, more and more Indians have decided to go elsewhere to host their wedding. Do so have given them the opportunity to create many spectacular memories. While it is true that India is a gorgeous country with many amazing wedding venues, it is often best to go elsewhere. This will give you the chance to explore a new culture while starting your life with your lover. Within this guide, you’re going to learn about some of the top destinations for Indian weddings.


As an Indian, there is a good chance that you’ve never been to Jamaica. Well, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. Jamaica is one of the most gorgeous venues in the entire world. In fact, the first James Bond book was written in this area. Therefore, it is gorgeous and historic. Plus, it is downright romantic. Suffice to say, Jamaica is really one of the hottest destinations for Indian couples who are interested in having a destination wedding. Just remember to never book your wedding during March. This is spring break season so things are going to be much busier.

Also, be sure to stay away from the hurricane season. Do that and you’ll love your Jamaica destination wedding.


How would you like a destination wedding in one of the most gorgeous places in the entire world? If so, you should definitely consider teaming up with an Indian destination wedding planner and preparing for a wedding in Cancun. This city is located in southeast Mexico. It is home to some of the most amazing beaches and this makes it a good choice for people who would prefer to have a wedding out in the sun. Just remember to avoid Cancun from May to late October as this is when the area experiences the most rain.

Costa Rica

If you’re looking for a gorgeous destination, you will definitely want to check out Costa Rica. During the past few years, some of the richest Indian couples have decided to host their wedding in Costa Rica. And, they’ve done so with amazing results. Remember that this area receives a lot of rain. Therefore, it is generally best to have your wedding during the dry season, which typically runs from December through April. Avoid the Caribbean coast because it rains here almost all year long. Either way, you can guarantee that your Costa Rica destination wedding will be unforgettable.

Caribbean: Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is home to some of the most luxurious, romantic beaches in the world. The beaches’ picturesque views and perfect weather is what draws couples all around the world to Punta Cana. In fact, thousands of couples from India and beyond have said their vows in front of a small gathering on one of these beaches. Coconut trees, blue waters and endless sand is the perfect backdrop for any Indian wedding. 

The best thing about having a Caribbean wedding is the weather is almost always perfect. The average temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit all year-round. So, if you live in North India near the Himalayas, you may find this the escape you have been looking for.

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