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Ink-Redible Insights – A Guide To Business Printing In 2019

Ink-Redible Insights – A Guide To Business Printing In 2019

Modern technological developments continue to revolutionise the way in which most business processes are done. Everything from how businesses communicate with their target market to how they run their day-to-day office tasks continues to change at a rapid pace. Printing, for example, is one essential office task that has been transformed by the advent of modern energy-efficient printers and items such as HP ink cartridges.

Taking the time to employ the best practices in business printing this year can save your company time, money and hassle going forward. Utilising the most up-to-date information, combined with some common-sense insights can go a long way towards streamlining your printing going forward. If you feel like your business could benefit from an upgrade or simply from a re-evaluation of your printing routines, then it’s important you take some time to bring yourself up to speed with the best approach to business printing in 2019 before making any major decisions.

Let’s take a closer look at a few key areas you need to pay attention to when updating your printing processes in 2019.

Efficiency Is Essential

Time is money and this sentiment is highly apt for any exploration of printing practices. Businesses should naturally seek to cut costs, both financial and temporal, whenever possible. To do this, you should take a look at your current office printer. If it has not been upgraded in several years, perhaps 2019 is the year to consider buying a new one. Several handy features are often included with newer printers including wireless printing abilities. This can help to avoid the clutter of cords in the office. If the speed of printing is essential for your business, consider getting a modern laser printer that can handle large print jobs at a rapid pace.

Secure Your Documents

These days, securing your printing processes is vital for keeping personal and trade information away from malicious users. Thanks to advances in digital security, there are many ways to ensure that your data is secure for printing purposes. Many modern-day printers have the option of physically requiring the input of a key code to print off documents. This can help to keep your printing projects organised and secure, rather than sitting idle in the printer tray.

Ensure that your staff are well-trained in the use of your office printers to prevent any sensitive information from being sent to the wrong printer, or worse to the wrong office.

Finally, it is useful to be informed about recent changes and updates to copyright legislation in your country. In many cases, it can be problematic to freely print published information if it is not for personal use. Make sure to follow best practices in your industry to ensure your documentation is always kept as secure as possible.

Sustainable Practices Benefit Everyone

Business printing that fails to incorporate sustainability concerns will be doing a disservice to your company. You can drastically reduce your office carbon footprint with a little thought in this direction. For example, consider purchasing eco-friendly components for your printers such as environmentally friendly ink cartridges or a variant of paper from recycled materials. Printing in draft mode can help you to use less toner or ink which can allow cartridges to last far longer.

In terms of making a larger impact, Energy Star certified printers use less electricity and usually have lighter operating and idling power requirements. Consider these if your budget can afford it. You might even save money with a lighter electricity bill in the long run.

Printing Does Not Have To Be A Jam

With the advent of email and cloud technology, offices around the globe are increasingly turning towards a paperless work environment. However, physical printing still remains essential for many everyday office tasks. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you take steps to ensure your office can complete your printing tasks efficiently and cost-effectively in 2019 and beyond.

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