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Inspirations for a Beautiful Cityscape Patio

Inspirations for a Beautiful Cityscape Patio

Inspirations for a Beautiful Cityscape Patio

New  York’s most famous penthouse garden tops, owned by celebrities like Joseph Sirola, have shown the extent to which urbanites yearn for closer contact with nature. Upon his lush, carefully manicured paradise, Sirola throws flower-filled dinner parties that transport guests instantly to a French chateau or an Italian villa – but with a much more impressive view: that of the Big Apple in all its splendor.  If you live in or near Times Square, a large garden may be out of reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you do have by creating a zen-like space where plants and flowers flourish. Penthouse gardens can be astonishing, but  so can personal terraces, no matter how tiny. Keep on reading to discover just a few simple ways to make a major transformation.

Playing with the Sun

There are many new solutions for those wishing to control the amount of sun that gets into their terrace, patio, or penthouse garden. Homes have become smarter, and installing retractable awnings and rotating blinds makes  it easy to obtain vital shade from the sun in New York’s hottest months. Awnings are ideal for small New York terraces, since they can fully retract, taking up little more than a roof gutter. Rotating blinds, meanwhile, each rotate at a 360º, thus enabling you to to precisely control the rays of sun that make it into your home. If you have a large penthouse, you might even considering building a small thatched roof construction on one side of the terrace. This will be the ideal spot to set up a bar or even a Balinese bed – ideal for laying back and forgetting about work on weekends.

Paving Your Way to Bali

There is something about Asian gardens that inspire an almost instant sense of ‘zen’ as soon as you step into them. Dark wood paving is one way to transport yourself to Asia as soon as you step outside. Redwood or cedar boast a beautiful rich color and natural beauty, and they are highly resistant to decay. Marry your wooden decking to rattan furniture, Balinese-inspired décor pieces and graceful fountains or wind chimes. The ideal mood you want to establish is one of calm and tranquility, and pampering as many senses as possible is key.

Garden Features that Cost Next to Nothing

In addition to filling your terrace with beautiful foliage, additional features such as geometric plant holders, stone paths, or brick-effect walls can add a wild, rugged effect which, combined with abundant foliage, can be transformative indeed. You don’t need to have someone construct major features for you. To make a tiny square plant holder, for instance, you can use treated wood pallets filled with grass and a central circular flowering plant for contrast. You can also create a mellow mood with solar lighting. Choose these in various colors for greater warmth, and bring out a transportable fireplace to enjoy the space you have created even on chilly spring nights.

A little imagination can transform even a tiny space into an appealing setting for an al fresco meal. Candlelight lanterns, pot plants attached to wood beams, and zen-inspired statues are just a few ways to bring a piece of Asia to your New York home. Those with bigger budgets can look into professional paving. If you can afford it, divide the floor space into various distinct spaces, using different materials like stone, wood, and even pebbles.

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