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Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business

Instagram Marketing Tips for Your Business

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media applications with over 6 million registered business accounts. It has proven itself to be an effective social media platform for brand building and marketing. Over 100 million images are posted on Instagram every day.

Over 50% of the Instagram users fall in the 18 and 19 age group. These demographics are valuable for business. However, this has resulted into much more competition. But with a well-planned strategy, Instagram can do miracles.

Even though many businesses buy automatic Instagram likes to get more followers and take better benefit this social media giant, here are some marketing tips that can be beneficial for small-scale and large-scale businesses.

  1. Have an Instagram business profile

It is imperative to have an Instagram business account in order to market your products and services with more efficacy. Here are some of the prominent benefits of having a business profile:

  • Followers can click directly on the contact button to keep in touch with you.
  • Instagram analytics tools can be accessed to get stats which can help you develop better strategies.
  • The chances of content getting seen by followers increases.
  1. Sponsored Ads

Companies leveraging Instagram marketing ads is increasing day by day. The statistics are indicative of the fact that Instagram advertising will stay here for a long while. It helps you reach a wider audience in a cost-efficient manner. The Instagram ads manager helps you manage everything from the scratch. It is a creative and an innovative platform enabling business to advertise their products and services which more efficiency.

  1. Tracking the right metrics

In order to improve, it is imperative to know about how your business is performing over Instagram. Having insights into measurable results can give you more efficiency and clarity. Tracking the right metrics can help you get the most out of your efforts. These metrics may include stuff like follower growth rate, engagement rate and URL click-through rate. These statistics can be crucial to your businesses’ success.

  1. Use hashtags strategically

Every social media marketer knows how important hashtags can be. But their success lies behind how strategically they are utilized. If used in the right manner, it increases your visibility on Instagram and develop better connections with brand enlarging the audience reach. The two main ways in which these can be used are:

  • Brand or campaign specific hashtags which can be used to promote businesses. Make sure that they are catchy, unique and easy to remember.
  • Content hashtags are used within content in a relevant manner. These are not popular but are essential so that more and more people are able to discover it.
  1. Create content in advance

This is perhaps one of the most important marketing tips that every business must follow. You must be aware of what is coming next and schedule each and everything beforehand. Preparing everything in advance allows you to work in an organized manner and focus on other important aspects of Instagram marketing.


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