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Instagram Stories and new features in 2018

Instagram Stories and new features in 2018

We all know Instagram and we know very well what their functions are. We know the app to such an extent that this social media tycoon has become a fundamental part for those of us who are fans of the virtual world. From time to time it brings to light one or another innovation such as the Instagram Stories.

This great BOOM is not only due to the ease of sharing and creating publications that this space offers us. It is also due to the effort of the creators of the same to maintain the number of users. This leads them to innovate every day more with new features.

Some time ago we were crazy about the “Instagram Stories”. This is the functionality with which we can share photos and videos that after a certain time will be eliminated automatically. Nothing new for those who had already walked through Snapchat and knew this functionality. However, it turned out to be something quite attractive for Instagram addicts. Specifically to those who prefer to continue using a platform they already know.

What News Brings Instagram Stories?

Now, in recent months the developers of this computer window have taken us to a higher level of creativity and fun. These have integrated new functions to Stories (stories). Therefore, it is not just about taking a photo or video and publishing it so your followers can see it with a common filter. We can also enter the BOOMERANG option and publish with this functionality that we all love and have fun, eliminating the need to go from application to application to do it.

Mentions and Links

As if it were not enough, they include the mentions option. In these, you can tag in your posts to a specific user or to the people and places that appear in your story. Also, a very important function is the links that allows you to place a direct link to any website of our preference, for bad luck this option is only currently available for verified accounts or business accounts that have more than 10 thousand followers.  Even so, it creates a new facility when it comes to access more quickly to any topic that interests us.


One of the biggest criticisms that had Instagram is that it did not allow the gif format. In one of the updates of 2018, this is already a reality.


The last update that has done by the Instagram so far, is to involve a text box. In this feature they have different types of fonts to make the things attractive. You can also include backgrounds of different colors. This allows us to greatly improve the design of our pieces for Instagram Stories. Whenever you buy active Instagram followers for your Instagram stories, it always shows the good impact to the profile viewers.

The great innovators of this social network have said that new updates are coming for this 2018. This with the intention of eliminating a bit the similarity to other social networks. Therefore we are sure that their new updates will leave us open-mouthed.


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