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Installation and Connection of the Washing Machine

Installation and Connection of the Washing Machine

If earlier the washing machine installation could have been done independently, the modern models assume correct connection to all services, including water supply, sewerage and electricity. That is why it is recommended to invite a specialist. It is no secret that often the repair of washing machines is a forced necessity, as a result of incorrect connection. Therefore, we remind you – before installing and connecting the washing machine, remove all transport bolts.

But if you think that you can connect the washing machine, then we offer a few recommendations that everything was done correctly. You need to connect the washing machine to cold water. There are several factors that contribute to this principle:

Low temperature is considered safer for the machine itself:

  • All machines have devices that heat the water to the desired temperature (and the hot water from the tap often does not have a constant temperature);
  • Coldwater is clean, unlike hot water it does not pass through the boiler rooms;
    Hot water is harder than cold water, which certainly affects the quality of washing and life cycle of the washing machine itself;
    Not everyone still has domestic water heaters, so do not forget that the hot water in the house may just not be there, or it may suddenly turn off.
  • Installation of the washing machine by level is a very important point and should not be neglected. Even if the level is correct for the three legs that touch the floor, you should not trust it. The comfort of washing depends on the machine being stable. If the machine stands firmly on its feet, then you are guaranteed to get rid of unpleasant noise and loud vibrations during washing.

The next step to which you should pay careful attention is to ground the washing machine. Most often washing machines are installed in bathrooms, less often in kitchens. There is also a lot of metal objects, which perfectly conducts electricity to the ground: towel dryers, bathrooms, taps. Therefore, it is worth remembering that even a small breakdown of electricity in the car and the simultaneous touch of a person with the car and, say, a crane, can lead to tragedy.

It is also necessary to connect the washing machine to the sewer correctly, so that the washing machine drain hose is connected to the sewer at a height of at least 60 cm from the floor. Otherwise, water can flow out of the washing machine, in turn, the machine will constantly refill the water to the required level, so that the washing can last forever.

If you follow the above tips carefully, you will be able to install the washing machine correctly and it will last for a long time without breakage.

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