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Installing a Door Lock? Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Installing a Door Lock? Avoid These Rookie Mistakes

Before you call a Locksmith, you’ll definitely try to install that door lock yourself. It’s easy to think ‘How hard can it be? I can at least try’, but many people fail to realize that even trying to install a lock can lead to bigger problems. Before you try to fix that lock, it can help to know what kind of mistakes you are most likely to make. As told by a locksmith, here are some mistakes that most people make while installing a new lock on their door.

Buying the wrong lock

When it comes to buying locks, you should never settle for anything cheap. A cheap lock will allow even the novice burglars to break-in. It can be enticing to buy fancy and attractive locks. However, such locks are usually compromise on safety. Make sure the lock is hard to unlock by using simple techniques. It is also important to check whether the lock will suit the type of door you are installing it on. For an amateur or a layman, it can be hard to tell whether a certain lock is the right fit or not. To ensure optimum safety, you can get call a locksmith in Roswell to help you install a new lock.

Not Measuring from the Bevel

Doors are designed to align perfectly with the door jamb when shut. Their bevel is aligned with the door lock strike plate. Thus, it is important that your lock is fitted in alignment with the bevel, else the door lock will malfunction. To make sure you make the measurement correctly, measure from the non-beveled side of the door.  

Misaligning the lock

Many people would realize it too late that they have drilled the holes incorrectly. This will not only lead to improper lock installation but also damage your door. Firstly, ensure that you are drilling the holes at exactly the right place. Most doors need a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks require three holes to be drilled and all three of them should be aligned perfectly with each other. Take your time to measure and mark where you need to drill the holes. Use a pencil to make the marks. 

If the holes are not aligned properly, you might even need to replace the whole door. It is always better to let the experts handle the tasks that require prowess. A professional locksmith in Roswell will do the job cleanly and perfectly in minimum time.

Drilling the holes incorrectly

Installing a lock is not just about drilling a few holes. It is about doing it cleanly and efficiently in one go so that your door looks undamaged and perfect as new even after the lock installation. Ensure that the drill enters the door straight. Keep drilling until you can see the screw at the other end of the door. Once you see the screw reach the other end, drill the hole from the other end to make a clean hole. 

If the lock is not installed properly, you will have trouble even locking the door, let alone ensuring a protective lock. Unless you are technical sound at handling such work, it’s always better to call a locksmith in Roswell to install the lock for you. 

Not reading the instructions

When you buy a quality lock to install at your home, you will also get a set of instructions that will instruct you on proper installation of the lock. It might seem like a simple task to install the door lock, but this simple process contains minute details that should be taken care of or the installation will not be good enough.

It can be frustrating to know that the lock was not installed properly because you missed one instruction. To save yourself from the trouble of hassle-full installation of a lock, let Top Atlanta Locksmith do the job for you.

Locking yourself out

You have managed to install the lock and want to test it. Locking yourself out can be an embarrassing mistake. To fix it, you will have to call a locksmith. It might even ruin your entire hard work of installing the lock if the lock has to be removed. Save yourself from the trouble by carrying the keys before you decide to move out of the room to test the lock.

Locks ensure the safety and security of our homes. Even though the procedure of installing a lock is very simple, things can go wrong if you miss out any of the crucial steps, which can further increase the workload on you. Now that you have read about the most common mistakes people make while installing a lock, you can try installing that lock yourself. Or if you are not so confident, you can hire a locksmith in Roswell to do the job for you.


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