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Intranet and Data Storage

Intranet and Data Storage

Data, data, data… everyday we are dealing with data, we download them, we create them, we save them, we delete them, at home or in the office. The advent of digital has brought great changes in our life and one of these changes is also the huge amount of data we are dealing with everyday. And in order to work with these data, we also need a space where we can save them and find them when we need them, a large and secure storage space. What are the possibilities?

In addition to the cloud, there are many data storage devices. These devices are distinguished on the basis of the technology used and, above all, on the longevity that these devices are able to guarantee. For instance, a disk could demagnetize, just as a hard disk could suffer a crash, making the recovery of the data saved there inaccessible. Moreover, the quick evolution of technology quickly makes obsolete systems that up until a few years ago seemed revolutionary.

One solution for an organization would be then to have an intranet, a private space where only the workers have access to. In there, huge amount of data could be saved and could be seen by all the interested people. An Intranet can also simplify some routine procedures, such as filling in and sending holiday forms and permits, reimbursement of expenses, requesting family allowances, making available technical documentation, standard letters, etc. All resources to which every worker will be able to independently access without getting up from his position. 

An intranet is like a private website. It offers a space where to communicate, collaborate and seek information. The five main advantages of an intranet are:

  • Communicating effectively. With an intranet it is possible to check the information, because important news can be displayed at the top of the page.
  • Collaborating effectively. Most modern intranets offer a location where people can work on the same file and always have the most up-to-date version. 
  • Simplifing the search for information.The intranet can host all reliable information. It guarantees the presence of a single copy and the possibility for everyone to access the latest guidelines, procedures and product information. 
  • Reducing risks. What happens if a person leaves the company to go to the competition and still have access to „traditional” files? With an intranet something like that will not happen.
  • Reducing administrative costs. An intranet offers an easy way to publish online forms and to simplify the execution of activities without calls and e-mails.

Arka Service in Torino offers the possibility to create an intranet based on the specific needs of the company: how many workers, how much space, the structure, the design… all these elements can be chosen and customized. Just keep in mind that data are a necessity in our everyday work and everyday life, so be sure to find the proper space to save them.


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