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Is Conor McGregor Retiring for Real This Time?

Is Conor McGregor Retiring for Real This Time?

As every UFC fan out there, you should already know that Conor McGregor has announced his retirement. The problem with this? We’ve heard this before when he announced his retirement via Twitter back in 2016. The question now is whether this retirement is the real deal or another trolling stunt from McGregor, whom so many people love to hate these days.

Conor McGregor Retirement 2016 Vs. 2019

On March 26thThe Guardian and every other major news outlet that has a sports section to its name announced that Conor McGregor is retiring from MMA. Again.

The last time this happened, it was 2016, but one has to admit that that time McGregor didn’t make a definitive announcement. At the time, the controversial UFC champion stated that he wanted to “retire young”. But he did not explicitly state that “young” meant “right this moment”, despite the fact that many people interpreted his words that way.

But, as we’ve seen all throughout his stellar career, paying attention to McGregor’s exact wording is important. This is a man who built a reputation on his controversial statements. That’s a major reason for why he is regularly starring in UFC news. If you research articles about him, you’ll see that not all of them have to do with his actual fights. McGregor is a social celebrity and an influencer in his own right.

One might argue that his public persona has garnered more attention to him than his, admittedly, impressive MMA career. After all, it is his personal brand that is responsible for the fantastic success of McGregor’s whiskey, which sold out within a few weeks (Irish Post). That’s despite the fact that some reviews of the beverage were highly negative, like the one from the Business Insider team.

But back on track, unlike the vague phrasing of retirement claims in 2016, this time McGregor seems determined. He explicitly stated his desire to retire and cited his numerous business ventures and interests as his future occupation.

Does McGregor’s Retirement from MMA Make Sense Today?

Yes, it definitely does as McGregor hasn’t fought for many months now and his last fights didn’t go so well. In light of this, switching to the business path that is growing splendidly before him seems like the most reasonable course of action. In fact, it is such a sensible decision, many of the McGregor haters are sure to be astounded at it.

And his haters are many, and the latest allegations of sexual assault are sure to add to their number. However, the McGregor’s fans army is yet much bigger and is growing by the day, especially in Ireland. If he continues to focus on his successful business ventures and social work, this situation is sure to continue.

One shouldn’t forget that McGregor has built his personal brand by being controversial and bold. This approach makes it impossible to avoid a backlash from the population and press. However, it’s also a sure method to gain a devoted following of people who admire the personality, not a UFC champion. And today this foresight (or sheer luck) pays off.

If McGregor does retire today, he will go down in the history of MMA as an excellent athlete with many a win to his name. Those many wins won’t be soured by an inglorious end of bitter losses, which is the fate of too many athletes who try to hold onto their glory.

However, his retirement from the sport does not mean that McGregor will disappear from MMA news feeds. His name is too well-known and associated with the sport. He is also sure to remain involved in the industry in some capacity. Therefore, by retiring today, he has a chance to go down in history as the athlete that could transition into the business world and accomplish even greater things there.


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