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Is It Better to Buy or Hire Specialist Tools for Work on Your Home or Garden?

Is It Better to Buy or Hire Specialist Tools for Work on Your Home or Garden?

If you are someone who likes to take care of a lot of the jobs around your house or garden yourself and you enjoy finding out how to do different types of DIY and more complicated work, then you may often find yourself in need of some specialist tools and equipment.

Don’t Have What You Need?

A good example of this might be if you need to use something like a plasma cutter or TIG welder for something you want to do. These are not things you are likely to just have lying around your toolshed like you would a wrench or a jigsaw! You can find some great info online about how to use these types of tools, and which models make for a good choice, but are you generally better off buying them or looking at places where you can hire more specialist equipment?

The Benefits of Owning Your Equipment

Although there is the obvious downside of having to actually pay for it, once you have, your equipment is yours to do as you like with. You won’t have to make any calls or arrangements and wait for it if you decide that today is a great day to do a certain piece of work. You also won’t have to worry about completing what you are doing before you have to give it back or pay for a longer rental. Another bonus is that you don’t have to worry as much about giving the equipment back in immaculate condition – after all, things can get a bit bashed up doing some kinds of work!

Another advantage could be that you can lend or rent it out yourself among people you know – it is always handy having a friend who has the right tool for the job, and you may be able to borrow something else you need in return!

When Hiring Might Be a Better Option

The biggest benefits to owning specialist tools only really come if you think you are likely to want to use the equipment on a fairly regular basis. If this is a one-off job, and you can’t see much other need for the item in question, then hiring may be better. If you are using it for something you know you’ll need to do again (for instance equipment for cutting back trees in your garden) then buying would obviously be the better option. However, a lot of the type of equipment you might need may take up a lot of space that you might not really have to spare, and so in those cases it can be better to have it gone after the work is done, even if it is a repeat job.

In general, it is always nice to have stuff of your own to use, but if it is an expensive and bulky piece of equipment that you are only going to use occasionally, then there can be a good argument for just hiring it. It can also be worth working out how costs would compare for you over the longer term between buying and multiple rentals.



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