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Is it OK to Wear a Backpack in the Office?

Is it OK to Wear a Backpack in the Office?

We’ve worn them as little kids going to playdates and kindergarten, and we’ve worn them throughout our schooling years and even at college, simply because they’re so comfortable and convenient. 

So why can’t we wear them to work? This is an issue that has come up several times lately, so is it time for workplaces to finally accept that wearing a backpack to the office is a good look?

As Long As They Look Professional

While backpacks are comfortable and are super easy to carry, they are much too casual to be taken into the workplace. It just doesn’t really go with a suit, does it? The good news is, you’ll find that many companies now are making backpacks for work and travel that are gender specific and that come in a variety of designs. They look just like briefcases in the sense of design and how slick they look, but you can carry them on your back. If you can get your hands on one of those, then there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be okay to wear a backpack to the office.

They Carry Everything!

The best thing about work backpacks is, if you look at the latest designs that are specifically made for office use, you’ll find that there are compartments made to carry your laptop, and a few even offer the option for you to charge your phone or laptop from the bag itself. Often with briefcases, you have enough space to carry your paperwork, but need to have a separate bag to carry your laptop. And in this day and age, everyone uses a laptop, so it makes much more sense to have one bag to put it all in. Adding to that if maybe you want to take a change of clothes with you to the office, you can add that in as well! It’s just overall more convenient.

Looks Good, Feel Great

The designs that have been coming out lately are just ridiculously good looking! There are even leather options available, and they way that they sit on  your back doesn’t give that casual feel that backpacks usually give off. You can even carry them as you carry a briefcase because there’s a handle at the top, or on your back. And speaking of your back, carrying a backpack is so much more comfortable than carrying your briefcase in one hand, your laptop in the other, and trying to juggle making calls with your cell phone. The way the straps are designed to distribute the weight evenly so that there isn’t too much pressure on your back and you’re able to have free hands.

So- is it okay to wear a backpack in the office? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be okay to be completely honest. They look good, they’re super convenient, and they’re really comfortable. As long as you get one that has a slick and formal design, then there really isn’t any justification to why you shouldn’t. Keep it clean and don’t over pack it with things so that it isn’t bulging and looks weird, and you’re good to go!


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