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Is It Possible to Win Sports Online? 4 People Who Took Home Cold Hard Cash

Is It Possible to Win Sports Online? 4 People Who Took Home Cold Hard Cash

Betting is a dangerous game. That’s why some people love it – they love the rush.

And if you know you’d love the rush too much, you shouldn’t do it. Addiction is a real thing, and if you think you have it, please get support here.

But sometimes, if you can handle the pressure and the losses, it pays off.

For these people below, it did. Learn about the best stories of people that win sports online and in person below.

Can You Win Sports Online?

Yes – there are betting sites where people win sports online a lot. One of them is Draftkings – a lot of people you know probably run their fantasy league through them.

Betting online is how most people do things nowadays, though the sites you use can take a cut of your earnings. But if you’re a big winner – you probably don’t care about that.

Want to know that success actually is out there? Buckle up for the rags to riches wins below.

1. Mali in 2010

Back in 2010, during the Africa Cup of Nations (a soccer tournament) Angola was killing Mali, 4-0.

If you’re not familiar with soccer, a score of 4 in soccer is like 40 in American football. It’s hard to get goals.

Anyways, it was sixteen minutes until the end of the game and someone decided they liked the way Mali was playing, even though they were four points behind.

That person put down a bet of seven dollars (or five pounds) on Mali with fifteen minutes to go. Many people thought they were stupid, but it was only five pounds, right?

Turns out, they were stupid lucky. Mali ended up winning the game, scoring more in the last fifteen minutes than Angola did in the entire game. And those five pounds?

Turned into just under $8,000 USD or 5,000 GBP. That’s a pretty impressive turnaround for the last minute win, huh?

2. 2007: The Greatest Upset Ever

Back in 2007, if you were a USC fan, things were going well for you. The team was doing very, very, well and continued to do well into 2008.

But in a game against Stanford, who isn’t known for their sports ability, they stumbled.

It was a teeth-gritting fight the whole game, but USC kept coming out ahead. They looked like they had the win in the bag, until the very last minute of the game.

That’s when redshirt sophomore Tavita Pritchard threw a 10-yard surprise touchdown pass to Mark Bradford. They won the game by one point in the last minute.

It didn’t lead Stanford to a successful or championship winning season, but it won them bragging rights for a while.

All the people who were sure they lost money on the game got their redemption in the last minute. How’s that for nail-biting?

We know people bet on the game, but we don’t have names. Probably some very sad USC fans wanted to hide their shame.

As for the Stanford fans, we know their alums don’t lack for money – so we’re sure someone got a nice new car or at least Rolex out of the deal.

3. The Super Bowl Shocker

Betting on who’s going to win the Super Bowl is an American tradition. Most of us do it with our buddies, at least in some way (loser has to buy beer?).

But betting on a safety being the first score of the game? That’s something else. Something not very smart, seeing as there have only been seven safeties scored EVER in the history of the Super Bowl.

So it’d be a lot to bet that there’s one scored, let alone that it’s the first score. But Jona Rechnitzwasn’t afraid of those odds. He put down $1,000 on the idea that a safety would be the first score.

And since he’s on this list – you know he won. There were at least 50:1 odds, if not 75:1. Still, he won it, and he turned a $49,000 profit.

That’s pretty impressive, as far as bet payouts go. And he’ll go down in history for “predicting” the first score of the game. Hopefully, he doesn’t press his luck on that once-in-a-lifetime chance again any time soon.

Or we’d at least hope he’d bet some of his winnings, not his income if he did.

4. An X-Rated Bet

If you’re a fan of 50 Cent, the rapper, you know he’s a fan of the female form. And a fan of the Giants, who are pretty good at winning Super Bowls.

One of 50 Cent’s followers, an adult actress or at least model @Mybestassets bet that if the Giants won, she’d post her boob to Twitter.

But if the Giants lost? 50 Cent had to show his … roll of quarters if you catch our drift.

The Giants won and Ms. Best Assets didn’t follow through. Instead, she tweeted that her fans were dumb to think they’d actually follow through on this, and she left the platform. 

Talk about a sore loser! Rumor has it that she lost her following and some money, meaning she may have had to learn about some other careers and income methods.

Sports Betting: A Rare Payout

These are success stories. Remember that to win sports online, you need some mad luck and killer odds. Never bet what you can’t afford to spend right there, right now.

It’s not as unlikely as a safety in the Super Bowl, but it’s still unlikely you’ll win thousands of dollars. Start small if you’re going to bet, and only do so on things you’re sure about.

To learn about more sports players, check out our categories above.


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