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Is Millionaire Millennial a Scam?

Is Millionaire Millennial a Scam?

With the popularity of the Amazon FBA, there are hungry people across the internet creating courses on the best way to build a business around the Amazon FBA. Meanwhile, they are scams.

Anyway, the millionaire millennial course claims to educate people on how to build a powerful business by using the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). Is Millionaire Millennial a Scam? Let’s find out!

This is A place where individuals are being told the cold truth about online money-making products, moving them far from the scams and moving them towards the legit, thereby helping them to make better decisions.

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How Does the Millionaire Millennial Work?

The Millionaire Millennial Mentorship course is an Amazon FBA instructive program made by Jason Kilburn. It’s legit and genuine.

The program is an Amazon FBA crash course training that will show you how to discover profitable products and resell them using the Amazon platform, thereby making profits from such goods.

The course outlines four key methods for selling products on Amazon. They are:

  1. Retail Arbitrage
  2. Online Arbitrage
  3. Private Label
  4. Wholesale

With the retail arbitrage–you’ll learn how to find profitable products from the best retail stores, how to remain aggressive and competitive, and the secrets you need to increase your sales.

With the online arbitrage–you’ll figure out how to locate the best deals online by utilizing deal sites, how to extend profit margins by using bundled products, and how to get ungated in restricted categories and brands. Like Disney. Hasbro. Star Wars. And many more.

With the Private Label–you’ll learn how to import products the easiest way using a third party forwarder, the patent lookup and legal guidelines for private label, how to get reviews while as yet following Amazon’s policies and how to utilize pay per click (PPC) advertising to get to the front page.

With the Wholesale–you’ll learn how to build a relationship with suppliers so they will offer you products at lower costs, how to attend events and trade shows to build your network, and how to use programs to deal with inventories revenue driven products.

Pros and Cons of the Millennial Millionaire Mentorship Program

The Pros

In the following we have listed some of the reasons why we think joining the Millennial Millionaire Mentorship is worth trying for you:

  1. The program is comprehensive. It explains the whole process as simple as it can, for you to understand it, even if you’re a kid.
  2. The program is well structured. You’ll be impressed with the proper class curriculum.
  3. You can choose whether to pay one upfront payment or pay over as long as two months. This demonstrates certainty that the buyer will finish the program.
  4. Apart from the curriculum, you paid for, the platform includes counsel on managing negative reviews.
  5. It provides you with access to live streams dealing with product sourcing and be encouraged to review the extensive previously aired live streams.
  6. It gives you lifetime live streams so that you may refer back to the course as you build your business.
  7. If under any condition you think the course isn’t for you, as long as you haven’t finished 30% of the modules you’re fit to bill for a full refund.

The Cons

Let’s consider the things we don’t like about this course.

  1. This program doesn’t address how to utilize  Facebook as a tool to drive your business and increase your revenue. That’s bad. Since Facebook is getting to be expanding and compelling as a marketing tool, the program ought to have included it in the curriculum.
  2. Although the platform has a strong presence on YouTube, it isn’t well pronounced across the web. And people find it hard to get exact information about the program.
  3. The program is tedious and time-consuming. It is anything but a quick process. The training isn’t for folks looking for a “get-rich-scheme”. The course needs dedication and commitment. You’ll need to construct an inventory and list a good selection of products. All of these take too much time.
  4. The Amazon FBA is now becoming an increasingly competitive business. To discover exciting products is hard and consider pricing and innovative marketing strategies to be tough also.
  5. There is no assurance that all the products you launch will be successful. You’ll need to be adaptable and flexible, and always have forward planning set up to go on to the next better product.
  6. The program will help you figure out how to manage the negatives of the Amazon FBA business structure. There are strict guidelines set up which you’ll have to pursue to evade difficulties and potential losses.

Nevertheless, so far you want it, realize you have to work hard and research well. And so far the pros outweigh the cons, it seems to be a good option if you choose. But, remember it takes devotion and commitment.


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