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Is Nursing The Right Career For You?

Is Nursing The Right Career For You?

Finding the right career is perhaps more important than some people might think. In this world where jobs are seen as disposable, and where you can change to another if you don’t like your current one, it can be that little thought goes into finding a career that you can enjoy for the longer term, and perhaps even for life. 

Yet the world is changing, and jobs are scarcer than they have been in the past. Switching from job to job every few years or even every few months may not be as easy as it has been, and therefore finding a career that you can stay in can be a much better option. One of these careers is nursing. Once you have your nursing qualification you will be able to start right away, and as you work you will gain more and more experience and become more and more competent, ensuring you will always have a place wherever you choose to work. 

Nursing isn’t for everyone though; there are certain personalities and skills that it will suit much more than others. If you’re wondering whether nursing is the right career for you, read on for some thoughts to consider. 

It’s Hard Work 

The first thing to consider when thinking about whether or not to become a nurse is that it is not an easy career path. Nursing is incredibly hard, and the working hours are long and grueling. It is mentally and physically challenging, and therefore it is not going to be something that everyone enjoys. You must be willing to put in the hours and the effort if you are going to find the true satisfaction in having a job like this. 

This, however, is the point. There is massive job satisfaction when it comes to nursing, and you really can make all the difference in someone’s life, whether they have just been born or they are leaving this world, as well as everyone in between. Although the work is clearly hard, the results of that work are what truly good and dedicated nurses focus on, and this is something to bear in mind. 

You Need To Study 

Linked to the hard work of the actual job, there is hard work involved before you can even start too. If you’re looking for a career that you need to gain specific qualifications for and then actually use those qualifications to do well in your chosen sector, nursing fits the bill. You will need a degree and then, if you want to achieve even more, you should study for a master’s degree in nursing too. The more knowledge you have, the more you can grow in your career and the more help you can offer.

If you wanted to be a nurse just a few years ago, you would have needed to study full time at a college. This meant that some people, those who were coming to nursing later in life and already had responsibilities such as a family and bills to pay, may have had to forego their dream of becoming a nurse because the study commitment wasn’t possible. Today, there are online classes that allow for much more flexibility, giving people the chance to study in their own homes at a pace that suits them. More people are able to choose nursing as a second career later in life because of this, opening up the sector to thousands of great potential nurses. 

It’s Not Routine 

If you’re looking for a standard job with set hours and a routine set of tasks each day, nursing isn’t going to be the right career for you. When you are a nurse, no two days are ever the same, with different patients coming to see you, each with a different complaint, illness, or injury. Even if you are working in a department where appointments are made (as opposed to ER, for example), you still won’t quite know what to expect. 

If you thrive on the unknown and love to be able to solve problems on your feet, you could find that nursing is exactly the right career for you to take on. 

Job Security 

Nursing is the kind of career that people choose because, among many other things, it offers excellent job security

If you prefer the idea of switching careers or career paths every few years, nursing wouldn’t be a good choice. You are going to be studying hard for a long time, and then working hard after that; if you are going to change after a short time, that hard work won’t have been worth doing, and you will have wasted time and money. 

If, however, you are looking for a career you can start when you’re ready and leave when you retire, there aren’t many professions that are as rewarding and as stable as nursing. 


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