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It is Impossible to Escape the Lure of Escape Rooms

It is Impossible to Escape the Lure of Escape Rooms

You find yourself inside a 10×10 room. It’s getting dark outside. You can hear movement in the next room, but you do not know if it’s a friendly or an opponent. You slowly proceed to the door and turn the knob, but it is locked. You need to reach the next room where the others are. The clock is ticking; there are only 10 minutes left. Your palms are sweaty. Your mind is racing. You need to find that key, unlock the door and join the others before the hidden treasure gets lost forever.

Do you like a little fun and challenge in your life? Have you always wanted to go on adventures like Indiana Jones and the Librarian? Then this is your chance to live your dreams. Escape rooms in your city bring you the opportunity to sweat your brain muscles a little. It is true that all work and no play make you a bit rusty in socializing, team play and offbeat problem-solving. The escape room in Manhattan provides you with the riddles and puzzles that will brush your bonding skills and sharpen your brain. These live game setups hone people’s aptitude for observation. Therefore, whether it is a cryptic clue or a necessary part of the puzzle hiding in plain sight, you and your mates will have fun together searching for it and unlocking the next level.

For the young adults and teens

Escape rooms are indeed competitive, but most of them in the Manhattan region have distinct target audiences. Some of them target kids, who need a break from video games and virtual reality. While others target the office groups that need better excuses to bond. The difficulty levels of these rooms depend on the target audience. You will never find an algebra problem in an escape room that caters exclusively to children and their parents.

On the other hand, you will come across those that serve mathematics and chemistry problems to students to make learning exciting. At the same time, those that target corporate team building do not foster the idea or practice of pitting one participant against the other for achieving the final prize. In fact, almost all of these rooms have one clear objective – to strengthen the relationship between the participants.

For the diverse office group

In every group, you will find different personalities. While one may be good at math, the other may be better at spotting clues, and then there might be others, who can keep calm even under stress. Each quality is necessary for solving the final puzzle, and that is the ultimate goal of every good escape room. For example – one game cuffs two participants together and requires them to look for the key to untie them. Unless they achieve it, they are unable to enter the next round. There are games of blind faith when one player with blindfolds needs the directives of another player to complete a particular task. These are all fun games that boost reliance, trust, and friendship between the participants.

For the cool parents

Escape rooms are great options for parents, whose children are entering adolescence. During this period, parents are entering the first stages of the “empty nest syndrome” and teenagers are struggling to establish their identities as individual adults. Arranging for a family day “out” inside an escape room might give you more than one reason to strengthen your bond with your children. If you have a party to arrange at the last minute and you are all out of ideas, a children’s escape room can be the option for you. Since these target kids, there are no fear-inducing elements, there are no complicated calculations, and there is no unhealthy competition. Everyone can emerge as a winner, and at the same time, they can make new friends at the party.

Favorite themes of recent escape room sets

The list of people, who love and enjoy escape rooms, is simply endless. However, any list without the mention of thrill-addicts is incomplete. There are new thrills every day around town, with the new places mushrooming. There are several Sherlock, and Poirot themed escape rooms that will always keep them on an adrenaline high. Since these theme rooms are highly customizable, it is still possible for the thrill seekers to go back time and again to the same address and find a new mystery waiting for them. Who would not like to dawn on the deerstalker hat, scarf and hold a pipe, while trying to find out the man or beast behind the grisly crime inside a setup that resembles a 19th-century mansion?

Experience new thrills each time

The themes of an escape room can either remain the same over a few months or frequently change so patrons can go on a new adventure every couple of weeks. It can be a game of jailbreak, a plan of a casino heist, a hidden treasure map to the secret chamber of gold, a murder mystery with dangers lurking around every corner or something inspired by Alice in Wonderland. All across the world, in many cities, you will find numerous old and new escape rooms with unique themes. Some of these themes are novel and demand the attention of adventure enthusiasts, who are not getting enough weekends or holidays for a quick getaway. Other ideas draw inspiration from popular literature, detective stories, Sci-Fi TV series and real-life incidents.

Putting a price on adventure

Most of these games have a distinct time limit. While some of them give the participants 60 minutes only, others might provide an additional 30 minutes depending on promotional offers and difficulty levels. That brings us to the topic of pricing. The best things in life are never cheap, but these escape room experiences do not cost dearly either. In most of the cases, the weekday prices are lower than the weekend prices. Sometimes, these escape rooms charge on a per team basis since they do not allow single player entry. Find out the number of people in a team, take a consensus about the preferred themes of the group and speak with a reputable Manhattan escape room before time runs out. Tick tock! Tick tock!


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