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It’s Concert Night! 3 Tips to Enjoy the Evening

It’s Concert Night! 3 Tips to Enjoy the Evening

Any time someone buys tickets to a concert, the focus shifts from “where do I sit” to “what else do I do.” Things like parking, dining, other activities, and possibly a night’s stay at a local hotel become questions and challenges to answer before the big night. As often as people think they’ll just figure it out as they go, the stress of knowing where to go and where to park can be overwhelming on site. Maybe the area is teeming with dining choices, and no one can agree on a restaurant, so everyone goes hungry. Perhaps, the group doesn’t want to drive home after a long night of dining and events, and so, they’re left without a place to stay and no ideas where to look. The stress can build without anyone even knowing.

Here are three simple tips to make concert night a little less stressful and much more enjoyable.

  1. Research Parking: Event venues usually have guides for parking near the site. From garages to public lots, there are several options. More often than not, the parking becomes more expensive the closer to the venue it is. One way to alleviate the stress of finding a spot is buying a parking pass to go along with the event tickets. Most online ticket marketplaces have options to purchase a parking pass near the event to make sure customers know where to park and are guaranteed a spot.

Another more modern way to find a spot is through mobile parking apps like SpotHeroand ParkWhiz. These apps let customers search for a specific venue or address and browse available parking spots from local garages and public lots. Customers can look at location, pricing, and proximity to the arena to find the best place. The apps also take away the need to carry cash to the events. Customers pay directly from their phones using the ease of Google Pay, PayPal, and other payment types.

  1. Find Some Food:Finding somewhere to eat or drink splits up into two parts: before and after the event. Most guests want to eat some dinner before the event and possibly go out for some drinks after. Despite the fact this isn’t always the case, showing up early to the event location to eat dinner is still a great choice. Concertgoers don’t have to worry about cooking at home or risk being stuck with concession food during the event. Once customers find the perfect parking spot, they can search the area for some great dining options. Google Maps and Apple Maps tend to be excellent choices to browse since users see the location, ratings, and a quick link to the restaurant’s website. Having several options to choose from and making a decision beforehand makes the whole experience much more accessible and entertaining.

Similarly, concertgoers can find somewhere out on the town to grab a drink after the show. Whether it’s just a hangout with friends or to keep the party going, most event venues have some options within walking distance, or at worst, a short rideshare away. Again, using apps like Google Maps and Apple Maps make finding the right spot quick and easy. Remember always to be safe and don’t drink and drive. Plan ahead to avoid a costly mistake.

  1. Find a Room: If the plan after a few drinks on the town is to stay put for the night, take a look at hotels as soon as the tickets are booked. Today, there is an onslaught of chain hotels from budget-friendly spots like Motel 6 and Super 8 to the three and four-star hotels like Marriott and Hilton locations. There’s nothing wrong with these spots, and usually, there are some great deals to find, even on event nights.

For the best experiences, though, browse the area for boutique and unique hotels. Most venues are within walking distance of a unique place to stay, which will be the perfect way to cap off the evening. Sometimes these spots are not the best, so do the research and see what everyone else is saying. Some of the best experiences come from the most unlikely places.

Buying tickets on online marketplaces is more convenient than ever. Customers have dozens of options to choose from as far as where to go, what to see, and when they want to see the show. Sometimes, these websites can offer suggestions to help with the above tips, but use our three easy tips for enjoying event night, and you might find the best stress-free and entertaining evening yet.



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