January Astrology

January Astrology

Capricorn: 2018 starts off with a bang. The Sun, new moon, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn on the 16th all join in to make sure you move forward in a big way. Uranus is not to thrilled, so watch out in the sector of your family life. Uranus is effecting every sign in some way or another. Listen to a friend, because they will have the answers you seek. If you are thinking about a change in your appearance, now is the time for that change, as it will bring luck. Do not sign or agree to anything involving finances in or near the 31st. Once January finishes you move full steam ahead.

Aquarius: You need rest, so take the first few weeks to catch up on sleep an lay low and reflect. Once the new moon hits on the 16th, you will be ready to take off.  Uranus effects your house of travel and medical. Also do not sign anything as everything is unstable. Your career gets a boost near the 5th or 6th. Something will give it a boost. Near the 17th until February 10th the universe has more gifts for you. On the 31st a relationship will move to the next level. This could be in love or in business. This alignment is something that has been happening for awhile. This is the universes way of saying, we want you to be happy. If you don’t see it this month, there is even more chances for happiness next month.

Pisces: Make sure you take care of your health in January. The new moon in Capricorn on the 16th brings new people into your life, however Uranus will add a snag. Your finances will be effected, but don’t stress because things will all work out in the end if you are calm. On the 26th your career gets a boost and that influence will last until the end of March. Projects you put away will see the light of day. Towards the end of the month, the full moon lunar eclipse in Leo on the 31st will bring more opportunities that make your pockets and your career even more healthier.

Aries: 2018 has you in an emotional crises, due to family issues. Near the full moon on the 6th, money will come to you. The Sun, new moon, Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and Venus are the reason. Uranus is causing havoc and for you it is in your words and in reputation. Make sure you area on your guard and keep calm, because this is just a trickster causing unrest and this too shall pass. At the full moon on the 31st, true love or a new love gets your attention. If you are already in a relationship, your feelings may be tested due to this new predicament. Eclipses bring closure and new beginnings and for you that is a positive change, it just might not seem so at the time.

Taurus: Feeling the urge to travel? If you do, it will bring happiness and allow you to clear your head. It also may have to do with business, which will go successfully and because of this you may find yourself making a move. If you have any issues with the court, the outcome will be favorable. For you Uranus will try to undermine your progress. Make sure there are clauses. If there is paperwork make sure there is an out. Also watch out for partnerships as, they may not be all they seem to be. By the 31st any problems you have been having, will seem to have magically disappear. This eclipse for you we make 2018 a year to remember.

Gemini: Money will consume you this month. You may start a new job. Uranus, will keep you off guard when it comes to your finances. Thanks to Mars, anything Uranus takes away Mars will replace. On the 8th Jupiter boosts your career. From the 6th to the 9th the planets shine on you. Thinking of traveling? The 19th says it’s a go. For you the end of the month brings life-altering events. Travel, negotiation and things started back in 2017 come to fruition and bring closure. This full moon eclipse may also bring the conclusion to a negotiation that may have started some time ago, possibly as far back as August 2017, or even further back. This eclipse will be positive for you.

Cancer: Like the Gemini’s, you have been eating rather than facing your emotions. Not only has that cause weight gain, but also some health issues. If you stick to a routine, as well as start keeping a journal, the pounds and your well being will see an overhaul. Thanks to Uranus, expect a year of  surprises in your career. The good news, is the surprises will offer more security both financially and emotionally. The New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th, will help to transform your fortune overnight. I feel reluctant to tell you this, as you have such a hard time of it, but miracles do happen. Your love life however, will  seem like a rollercoaster. If you are attached and it is for the wrong reasons, don’t expect it to last.

Leo: Hello kitties, been over doing it? Time to take stock, quit those nasty habits and take charge. If you don’t love you, who will? Think of me as that drill sergeant, drastic action is needed, so hop to. Another thing you need to do is let go of the past. It is holding you in a stagnant pattern and until you release all this negativity, these amazing opportunities can’t come to you. The New Moon on March 17th, has gifts to bring you if only you will accept and see that they are there for you and you alone. As for your love life, love is a two way streak. Are you loved as much as you love? Such a hard reality to face. Again if this is the case, let go because in July that person that can warm your heart will be searching for you.

Virgo: Time to shed old habits. Even good ones can be cloying. 2018 is the year for all signs to overhaul their diet for health sake. Most eating habits are born out of not facing emotional road blocks. In most Virgo’scases it is that they feel that they have not reached their full potential. Please let go of expectations and learn to live in the moment. Money and fame do not always make a person happy. Why not try to storyboard and see if maybe, you can find what brings out the authentic you. The answer may surprise you. April is a banner month for seeing your deepest desirer’s fulfilled. Also love I hear my not be all it’s cracked up to be. If you are meant to be, you will feel it in your soul not just your loins.

Libra: Time to connect. I know, hard to do when 2017 saw you burden more than your share of heartache. Your insecurities, have been exposed and you’d rather hide underneath the bed. This trial will show you just how resilient you are. if you face the sunshine, you will see that like a diamond you were being polished for something better. It may take until summer but remember that project you thought would never take off? Guess what, dust it off because it also is going to see the light of day. With that recognition comes such much needed financial help. 2018 should be a year of personal triumph and a year of  your dreams coming true.

Scorpio: Not feeling so well? Try some aromatherapy. There are machines that use your pulse to tell you the diseases that are in your body. Find them because they will ease that gnawing feeling and you will see that you can take charge and win over disease. Sometimes mainstream is not the way to go. A new revenue stream may just see you quitting the job you hate for the one you love. This new job may involve moving and yes, it is exactly what you need. This move will free you to be who you always knew your were. Your love life holds surprises, but if you let your heart open, that surprise will make you smile wider than you ever have.

Sagittarius: This year all those health problems will seem a thing of the past. It will feel as if you have just woken up from a drug induced sleep, but remember sleep heals, always stretch before a marathon and take care of those aches and pains. Just because you have been given a reprieve, doesn’t mean that you have to work your way up to full speed. Career wise this is a banner year. Look for small rewards mid-January, March, late April, early May, late  August and early September. Romance has been a comedy as of late and well it doesn’t change much. However from late July, until the end of September, things look bright and who says we shouldn’t laugh?


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