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January Astrology

January Astrology

Capricorn: Happy Birthday! Open yourself up to a little fun in January. Do something spontaneous with loved ones and for a moment break free of routine. No over thinking, just do it, breath and enjoy! You will have more control over events than usual. Your attention turns to the past in the coming three weeks, reassess, rethink, revisit. Overall the year blesses you with happy occasions and successful business endeavors. If you are not married or in committed relationship you might very well find yourself walking down the isle saying I do next year. Practicality aside, 2016 is your year to stay pure of heart.

Aquarius: You will be focused on creative endeavors and will not have much time for minor details or petty disputes. Loyalty takes precedence in both business and on the home front. Let’s face it 2015 showed you others true colors (ugh!). This has finally helped, you to wipe the slate clean and will allow others to come in to your life. You form loyal allies and long term friendships. Look for new found success in 2016. Watch for an exciting oppurtunity near the 13th. This should bring a much needed cash flow. This day is also great for healing body, mind and spirit. It ain’t Kansas anymore honey!

Pisces: Well, well pisces it’s about time! 2016 is going to be a year to remember. For you 2016 is all about achievement. Your practical side is shining through like never before. Your will target your visions and daydreams and watch them come into fruition. Mercury is in retrograde in your friendship house from the 5th to 25th. You may hear from a friend or a love one you haven’t seen in years. The timing off then. The timing is right now. A happy outcome is in place! The stars line up for romance or partnerships, as well as making 2016 a banner year. Look toward the limelight if you are in the creative arts, some time after summer. You have your new moon in your eleventh house of friendship, hopes, and wishes, so make sure you make some. Hello lovely New Year!

Aries: The pace of January will seem slow. Don’t push for answers for any of the approvals. This is an important month though for professional advancement. You have a new found sense of self as we enter 2016. You will find harmony in social groups. You seek to expand your circles, a craving for stimulating you mind and your heart, which by the way you are off to a good start in the intimate relationship department. Go get em tiger! Hot, hot, hot!

Taurus: Well your in for a very interesting January. Full of introspection. You seek to find a true balance betwee spirituality vs superficiality.You will be challenged in your communication with others the first few weeks of January and then finally smoothing things out. You yearn to expand your horizons as you hungry to learn and grow intellectually. Travel is favored. Also rest from this holiday season is in order. 2016 brings new found love. Committed bonds will strengthen, or a new love relationships will bloom.

Gemini: So serious, Gemini? This month, you reflect on the past year and decide what you would like to change and improve in the coming New Year. Your focus is strongly targeted on practical matters. Financials are promising as you work diligently to reach your goals. Make sure to distress and take care of yourself with good food and healthy activities. Your ruler, Mercury, is in retrograde, all month. I know frustrating delays and mix ups seem impossible. Just breath, it does pass.

Cancer: Speak your mind. This is not a time for you to be sheepish or to feel you must be reserved or overly proper when speaking with others, be it  business or personal. This is s time to rise up. Your will gain respect from coworkers and assistance from higher ups. In personal relationships you will work hard to keep them or you will walk away from those that are not bringing you joy and discover what truly supports you and makes you happy. If in a committed realationship you might see it going to the next level. Cheers!

Leo: January is a very creative month for you, Leo, especially at the end of the month when you tap in and create something very current. you may be given the project of your dreams and produce your best work in 2016 and 2017, however, be aware that this will take longer and require more money, so be mindful. You are not that great with practical things at the end of the month, but you are very in-tune so listen to your gut. Sudden flashes of inspiration that defy logic keep you on your toes. Exciting opportunities with your career. Lay down the foundation and plan ahead now.

Virgo: Nice, Virgo! You have good times ahead. Full of vitality, your business dealings will keep you busy through out 2016. The holidays may have been fun, but January looks to have been fun, but Januarylooks to hold an even better time, especially for romance. There is no better social period this year so take advantage. You are very interested in pursuing a deeper sense of spirituality. You should clear your schedule to give yourself time to reflect everyday. Relationships and commitments play an important role mid year. You will nurture what does work and break away from what doesn’t.

Libra: Family ties top priority and everything is centered around family and friends. Home is also in your mind. Now is the time to move or renovate, or simply de-clutter. Just don’t buy anything expensive from the 5th until the 25th as murcury is in retrograde. You are also building up your confidence level. It gives you a boost as projects are completed one after the other. Successful outcomes, are guarenteed! Passionate moments are yours throughout the year. The ones that are challenging and seem to cause heartbreak are no more! You have the confidence to move on!

Scorpio: Hallelujah! January 2016 is off to bang as you enjoy the excitement of the new year and have plenty of energy to do so. Sexually you are on fire. Financials are good, you invested well. You are doing well professionally as you are learning to find support from your inner being and you will develop the emotional strength needed to make some challenging changes. Yes, they will be difficult, but much needed change will bring happiness.

Sagittarius: Breaking free! Yep, you are coming into your own Sag. Your year starts out overly busy. You are traveling, working, traveling. Your performance means your earned income will be rewarded. Praise, publicity and more money.  will see you smiling with glee. Next month, even more good news on the carreer front. Make sure you get a little bit of me time in between the craziness. You will seek out time to connect with things that have deeper meaning during the months to come, surrounding yourself with like minded individuals that truly raise you up not tear you down. Successes is much sweeter that way!

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