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Jared Jeffrey Davis: Grow And Scale With Less People

Jared Jeffrey Davis: Grow And Scale With Less People

It’s the recognition that you acquire customers through your conversation. Marketing is changing quickly, and you’ve got to keep up. 

These days, customers demand personalized attention, and instantly. Who wants this? This is something that is required by Millennials who are in the buying market spending over $600 billion each year. 

Jared Jeffrey Davis has understood that Bots are a must for the future of marketing. If you are still wondering if a bot is necessary for your business, you don’t need to think any further. Commerce powered by bots are the modern-day trend. 

So, what is a bot?

It’s just a computer program that gets certain tasks done by “chatting” with a person through an interface for conversation. 

The best and advanced bots are run by the use of AI (artificial intelligence). AI helps the bot to handle complex questions, personalized requests, responses, and best of all, it improves over time. 

This is all part of a change we’re noticing in the behavior of customers. With people researching a variety of topics, they want to get the information they want and they want it quickly. More and more, people are moving toward voice search as technology continues to improve. 

Cluttered email inboxes have moved buyers over to various social media platforms to follow brands they are interested in. 

Buyers want a solution. They want the quickest and shortest way to a solution to the problem they are facing. 

For instance, you want a pair of sneakers from the online store of your choice. For this, you could visit their website and scroll through their product offerings, find what you need and fill out your shipping and payment information. 

But with a bot, you could simply tell it what to do, and it will do it for you. Of course, it will guide you through that process step by step to place that order. 

In the background, you are being led through an array of dependent questions to get the information, figure out your intent, and get you what you need. 

With something like a messaging app, bots will help consumers find help wherever they are or whatever device they are using. 

No need for forms, cluttered inboxes, and wasted time searching and scrolling through endless content. 

You are having a conversation using the best of communication, service, and transactions. This provides you with the help you need to solve your problem. 

These bots use messaging apps to solve all these problems for you. And of course, messaging apps are something that you already use on a daily basis. 

It could be Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or even Viber, bots will integrate with these apps and will allow you to chat with them. You won’t have to download something you’ll not need to use again. 

It’s been a popular idea that most people use about five apps. Usually, these are taken up with various messaging apps. 

These days, messaging apps have more than 5 billion monthly active online users, and people have begun using them more than the social networks. 

Bots used to be the simplest usage of artificial intelligence, but chatbots now offer marketers like Jared Jeffrey Davis an opportunity to connect with consumers on a personal and direct level. That is if they can grab and hold the attention of the users. 

These bots will automatically handle thousands of such interactions for Jared Jeffrey Davis throughout each day. Such things would traditionally take many hours of work by internal teams. But with bots, all of this could easily be automated. 

Here are some of the benefits of using Chatbots to personalize the entire customer journey to scale your business. 

* Cost of customer acquisition goes down by 50 to 80%

* Increases engagement and conversion by 500%

* Reduces cost of customer service by 50 to 80%

It is a challenge to generate customer engagement. Use of Chatbots are the easiest and most convenient way to communicate with your customers than over any other channel or method. 

With all these great opportunities right before us, why is it that many startups and even Fortune 500 companies have not begun to step into the realm of using Chatbots? Many people are somewhat lost when it comes to technology and prefer to remain within what they already know. 

But for those like Jared Jeffrey Davis who have leveraged the benefits of Bots, they are well on their way to scaling their business with less labor and staffing expenses. 


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