John Giorgi Explains How US Citizenship and Law Goes Hand in Hand

John Giorgi Explains How US Citizenship and Law Goes Hand in Hand

The US awards the facility of dual citizenship to its people. This might not surprise people to know that US citizenship is considered one of the most desired ones throughout the world. This means that people are gradually shifting their dreams from going for one visit to the US to settling there permanently. But are you aware that there are some of the major catches of being a US citizen? Well, if not, then here in this article, John Giorgi will be throwing light on this aspect of the matter.

Mentioned below are some popular laws which every US citizen should know: John Giorgi Says

  1. Analysis of The obligation to participate in the judicial department-

US government has made it mandatory for every eligible citizen to serve as a jury member whenever called. Now, this may sound exciting for some, while for others, it’s more of a burden than a duty as not everyone is into the justice process. According to John Giorgi, this condition helps people to become a part of the legal system, showing how US administration and justice are nothing without its citizens. 

  • Military Obligations-

Dual citizenship indeed brings a lot of benefits with it. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For instance, you are a citizen of the US and any other country and wish to participate in military operations in the country. Then if that particular country is in a state of war with the US, you have to give up the citizenship of the US or rethink the idea of getting military training. Along with your citizenship, all your rights are also taken away. If found breaching this rule, there have been instances where a person has been declared for criminal trial against him according to US law. 

Therefore, if you are a US citizen, then you must know this rule. 

  • Hard to pursue-

No doubt that dual citizenship is a good concept, but there must be a proper rule of law and administration for it to prove effective. Every citizen must be aware of minor legal terms to avail only of the positive aspect of dual citizenship. But naturally, this is a bit too much to ask from a common citizen. You can expect him to know everything about the law, and this might lead to complications. 

We can say that the US being a fully developed country, is an attractive place for people with different purposes. If you are willing to achieve permanent settlement and gaining citizenship, and you must know these laws. Before making this decision, a person should properly think about his job, family, income budget, etc. These were some common complications that might arise with US citizenship. Needless to say, that the US government is devoted to reducing the number of hardships faced by its citizens, but yet as John Giorgi states some things cannot be changed. Hence, the decision purely lies on the individual.


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