Jonah Engler Believes In The Importance of Teaching Kids About Love And Positivity In Society

Jonah Engler Believes In The Importance of Teaching Kids About Love And Positivity In Society

It is commonly agreed that our children are the future of the world. They are going to build the future world which is why their present needs to be built with positive things. Children these days see a lot of violence and troubled times which can affect their growth, both mental and physical.

In the words of Jonah Engler, children need to be taught about the importance of love early on in life. This will help them to learn about the importance of love and the ways they can make a difference in this world.

Making Kids Understand The Importance Of Love

Children, especially those who are smaller in age, may not understand much about love. Parents at home and even teachers at schools can explain the importance of love and how it builds friendships in life. Participating in activities and sharing stories with them can help them understand how love between people help them come closer and share a bond that can last for a lifetime.

Loving Them At Home

The home is a very important place for the child, no matter the age group. Children often face difficulties in their lives from coping with studies to dealing with friends; in all this they need the support of their family especially parents. Showing love to your children helps to grow their self-esteem and a sense of confidence.

Effective And Open Communication

Love may not always be the only pre-requisite to parental care. Another important aspect is to keep a free and frank communication between the parents and their children. They should be able to confide and open up to their parents about everything that goes on in their lives.

The Joys Of Sharing And Caring

You can teach your child the importance of love and how to express it for others by way of sharing and caring. Always explain to them how there are people who may be less privileged than they are. However, with a little help and a show of unconditional love, others can be made to feel happy and blessed.

Parents As Role Models

Parents are always an epitome perfection for children and their first role models too. This image can be utilized by parents in a positive way where they can show their children that the home and their parents are always there for them with a solid relationship of trust and love.

How Does Teaching The Love Help Children

Your children are very often an extension of your personality. when they are praised in the outside world or at times when they do something commendable it fills you with joy and pride. It can happen when the child learns something good from you like showing love and respect to others in the same way they are shown the same by you as the parent.

Helping Children With Mistakes

Most children are scared of making a mistake for fearing of being reprimanded or disappointing their parents or teachers. There is fear embedded that makes them less expressive with fears and doubts. Help them to overcome mistakes with love. Make them understand that unless there is a mistake there will be no room for corrections or making amends.

Importance Of Being Honest

We all know that honesty is the best policy and the children today need to be told that too. They may see a lot of things around them and develop notions of their own. Parents need to talk to them about such virtues and how being honest with everyone around them will always help them become a good person.

Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Most children, especially grown up kids, have an inherent fear of failure and disappointing their parents and teachers. It is very important to teach them that failure if not the end but a fresh start. Inability to accept failures often leads to complex behavioral manifestations among children.

Spending Quality Time With Children

Oftentimes when both parents are involved in their busy careers, children get to spend very little time with them and at times see very little of them as well. According to Jonah Engler, as a parent your presence is vital for your child which is why you must spend quality time with your family and children. Your presence in the lives of your children is very important for their healthy growth and mental development.

Heathy Relationship Between Parents

When parents share a healthy and happy relationship between them as a husband and wife, children feel loved and secure. There is a sense of support and backing that comes when they find less frictions and more understanding between their parents as a couple.

Family Bonding

Sometimes it is not just the parents but a bonding with the whole family that matters a lot. This bonding can extend to the ones shared with grandparents or with siblings. The feeling of being there for one another and standing together as a family stems from this bond and helps in growing healthy relationships.

Impartiality Among Children

There are instances when parents and teachers take sides in matters of children. It may be unintended but a show of support to some in particular and neglect for the others can cause serious divide between children of the same age group, between friends and even siblings at home. Equality of behavior and show of love and affection should be absolutely same for all children at home and even at institutions like schools.

Why Is It Important For Children To Learn About Love?

The only language that can build a positive society for tomorrow is love. It helps to generate kindness and patience along with trust and generosity. Children if taught about how to give love and even accept it from a young age can outperform adults in their show of unconditional love for others. It is because they have no vice in them.

Makings For A Better Tomorrow Starts Today

It is only when you teach your children today they learn to become better adults tomorrow. It all starts like a chain and as adults who grew up with the virtues of positivity and love will teach the same to the generations to come.

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