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Jonah Engler: The need to give back to society

Jonah Engler: The need to give back to society

Everyone wants to see a change in society, but only a few show courage and willingness to stand up, collaborate and help each other. Since the world is a competitive space, you may be busy pursuing high qualifications so that you can have a prosperous career ahead and live life on your terms. While there is nothing wrong about being ambitious, you cannot expect the community to continue to boost your personal growth without any contribution from your end; it is a narrow-minded approach. You must possess a sense of belonging to society. No matter how caught up you are in the daily grind, you can always give back to your community by supporting a cause that promises a positive change.

However, it is vital to realize that philanthropy is not charity. Latter focuses on removing sufferings from the society, while the other acts upon specific social problems for their elimination. Here are a few reasons why philanthropy is important and why you have a moral responsibility towards others living in a society.

Why give back to society? By Jonah Engler

The right deed

When all your staple needs get fulfilled, you must be thankful for what you have and help the unfortunate ones experience the transformation of life. By doing this, you rekindle faith in humanity and empower your community to progress. You don’t support the needy, but other philanthropists also by being an inspiration. Your generosity and compassion can go a long way in building a peaceful and beautiful world.

The much-awaited societal change

As Jonah Engler reminds, you first have to change yourself if you want to see it in the world. Today, oppression and poverty are widespread. If humans come together and help those in need, a lot of challenges can eventually dissipate. And for doing this, you don’t have to be wealthy; resolve and dedication can pave the way. You can prioritize the problems that you want to solve. It can be about education, malnutrition, the environment, and so on.

A life with purpose

No matter whatever cause moves you from inside, when you serve it, you impact many lives. For instance, uplifting a remote area through technological progress can be your mission. Committing yourself to this can only bring a sustainable and permanent change in that society. So many lives can improve because of your intention.

A sense of gratitude

Giving back has a contagious trait to itself. When you gift something to someone, the recipient feels thankful and encouraged to replicate this gesture. And this eventually leads to happiness, peace, and satisfaction among everyone who benefits others or has benefited from the act of kindness.

Some people may not have time to spend on philanthropy, but they have enough wealth to indulge in it. They fulfill their moral obligation by helping philanthropic groups and associations with funds. If you have time, you can join those or do things at an individual level. Also, you can donate money, no matter how small or big the amount is. People who actively perform in these areas often need funds to provide for different needs.


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