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Julien’s Auctions Announces Property From The Life And Career Of Sylvester Stallone



Julien’s Auctions has announced that Property From The Life And Career Of Sylvester Stallone, will close out the world-record breaking auction house to the stars’ 2021 season in a grand finale celebration of the pop culture icon and one of Hollywood’s most legendary film stars of all time. The exclusive auction event presenting the extraordinary collection of the international superstar and the Golden Globe Award-winning and Academy Award-nominated actor, screenwriter, fitness icon, author, artist and director’s most cherished treasures from his singular life and career will take place on Sunday, December 5th, 2021 at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills and live online at
Rocky III Boxing GlovesRocky III boxing gloves
On offer is a spectacular array of costumes, movie props, and memorabilia spanning his Hollywood blockbuster oeuvre of his most iconic films, entirely from Sylvester Stallone’s personal collection–the Rocky and Rambo movie franchises, Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, The Specialist, Assassins, Escape Plan, Cop Land, and The Expendables–as well as awards, fine jewelry, furniture, cigar accoutrement, and other gentlemen’s luxury items. To launch this year-end auction extravaganza, the collection will be exhibited for the public, curators and collectors to view these treasures in an exclusive one-week engagement at Mall Galleries in London Thursday, September 16th, 2021 before heading to Julien’s Auctions.
Born in New York City, New York, as Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone, on July 6, 1946, Sylvester Stallone’s early acting career in New York and Hollywood consisted of uncredited roles such as in Woody Allen’s 1971 film Bananas and Klute starring Jane Fonda, until 1974 when he received attention for his role in the film drama, The Lords of Flatbush
Rocky original story development notebook
Rocky original story development notebook

But only two years later, Stallone would become not just an international Hollywood movie star but a pop culture icon in his breakthrough role as boxer Rocky Balboa, in Rocky, the first film of the box office smash and iconic Rockyseries for which Stallone starred in and wrote the screenplays.
Although producers originally wanted a recognizable star to play the titular character, Stallone refused to sell the story unless he could star as the underdog boxer, Rocky Balboa, who would go on to win the world heavyweight championship title. In addition to Stallone earning Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Award nominations for his acting and screenplay (and a total of ten Academy Award nominations for the film), Rocky won the Best Picture Oscar as well as Oscars for Best Directing and Film Editing and went on to become the highest-grossing movie of 1976. Considered a movie masterpiece, one of the best sports films of all time and a beloved favorite film worldwide, Rocky’smythology includes its induction into the National Film Registry, the naming of the Philadelphia Museum of Art front entrance as the Rocky Steps where Rocky famously runs up to, a Rocky statue and several of the film’s props placed in the Smithsonian Museum.
Rocky III boxing bootsRocky III boxing boots
Seven successful sequels from 1979 to 2018 followed and Stallone received his first Golden Globe Award and his third Oscar nomination as Best Supporting Actor for 2015’s Creed, the critically acclaimed and box office hit spin-off installments where 40 years later, he reprises his iconic character Rocky Balboa who becomes a boxing trainer to the son of the ill-fated boxer Apollo Creed played by Michael B. Jordan. In 1982, Stallone created another iconic character as ex-Green Beret John Rambo in First Blood, the first film of his highly successful Rambo series: Rambo: First Blood Part II(1985), Rambo III (1988), Rambo(2008), and Rambo: Last Blood(2019) and received a Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1984.

From the mid 1980s to the late 1990s, Stallone was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid and most popular actors who developed a unique persona and individual presence like no other.

archery bow from Rambo  archery bow from Rambo: First Blood Part II

Known as “Sly,” Stallone’s famous workout and training regimens to achieve his spectacular physique that would be gloriously displayed in his films’ intense action sequences and stunts dazzled audiences around the world and became the stuff of legend in the international box office action film hits, Cobra(1986), Tango & Cash (1989), Cliffhanger (1993), Demolition Man(1993), The Specialist (1994), Assassins (1995), Judge Dredd(1995), and Get Carter (2000). In 2005, Stallone released Sly Moves, his guide to fitness and nutrition and a candid autobiography of his life and works. His passion and dedication to fitness and bodybuilding would be a hallmark of his long-standing career up until the present day where Stallone’s muscular power and age defying physical prowess continues to astound his legions of fans and the media. A fitness icon and box office superstar, Stallone applied this same level of intensity to his craft in the writing or co-writing of his films’ screenplays such as, all of the Rockyfilms (with the exception of Creed), the five Rambo installments, Cobra, Driven, F.I.S.T, Rhinestone, Over the Top, Creed II and Cliffhanger, as well as co-writing the book for the 2014 Broadway musical adaptation of Rocky, and taking on directing duties throughout his career from four Rocky films, Paradise Alley (whose screenplay he wrote), 2008’s Ramboto the Saturday Night Fever sequel Staying Alive starring John Travolta (whose screenplay he wrote); thus, displaying a diverse range of talent that set him apart from other stars of the era and today. In 1997, Stallone starred in the crime drama Cop Land, starring opposite Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta, and earned critical acclaim and awards for his role as an overweight sheriff. Sylvester Stallone signed “Rambo” film production chair throwing knives from The Expendables
In 2010, Stallone co-wrote, directed, and starred opposite action stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham in the thriller The Expendables about a team of mercenaries, which garnered over $34 million in its opening weekend as the No. 1 film in the U.S. box office and marked the biggest opening weekend in Stallone’s career. It spawned another popular film franchise with its 2012 and 2014 sequels. (photo left: throwing knives from The Expendables) Numerous international awards and accolades for Stallone’s illustrious career include the 1985 People’s Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, a Honorary César in 1992, the Stockholm International Film Festival Best Actor award for Cop Land in 1997, Palm Springs International Film Festival’s Desert Palm Achievement Award in 1998, National Board Review and Austin Film Critics Association for Best Supporting Actor for Creed in 2015, Zurich Film Festival’s Golden Icon Award in 2008, the Venice Film Festival’s Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker Award in 2009 and induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in the non-participant category in 2010. He is the only actor in the history of American cinema to have starred in a box office number one film across six consecutive decades. In addition, Stallone is an accomplished artist, whose paintings and sculptures have been displayed in exhibitions such as Art Basil, The Russian State Museum and the Nice Museum of Contemporary Art in France. Auction highlights (with estimates) include numerous film items and iconography from the seminal 1976 Rocky film and subsequent sequels such as Sylvester Stallone’s original handwritten notebooks filled with story development ideas for the first four films of the classic motion picture series Rocky ($40,000 – 60,000 each); his boxing gloves from films such as Rocky III ($10,000 – $20,000) and training boxing gloves from Rocky Balboa ($6,000 – $8,000), as well as other boxing gloves from the Creed installments; the announcement card listing Rockyas the Best Picture winner at the 34th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 1977 ($6,000 – $8,000); original film poster concept artworks for Rocky by Tom Jung and Rocky IV by Drew Struzan ($8,000 – $10,000); the boxing mouth guard worn by Stallone as Rocky in the 1976 film ($6,000 – $8,000); original artwork by Leroy Neiman of Hulk Hogan fighting Sylvester Stallone from the set of Rocky III ($1,000 – $2,000); a Sylvester Stallone signed boxing training pad from Creed ($3,000 – $5,000); a Rocky II Leo Sewell sculpture ($8,000 – $10,000); Air Jordan boxing boots from Creed($8,000 – $10,000) and more. signed Rocky Balboa boxing glovesduffel bag used by Stallone as John Rambo
From the Rambo film franchise, an array of items will be offered including a collection of knives from the first three films of the blockbuster action series ($10,000 – $20,000 each); a Sylvester Stallone signed Rambo: First Blood Part II original poster concept artwork by Renato Casaro ($8,000 – $10,000); a John Rambo arrow quiver from Rambo: First Blood Part II ($3,000 – $5,000); a headband worn by Stallone in Rambo: First Blood Part II ($8,000 – $10,000); an original pre-production working script, with numerous handwritten notes and corrections, for Stallone’s favorite installment of the Rambo film series, 2008’s Rambo ($8,000 – $10,000); a Luminor Panerai watch worn in Rambo ($10,000 – $20,000); the duffel bag used by Stallone as John Rambo in Rambo ($6,000 – $8,000) (seen in photo left); the cross necklace worn by Stallone as John Rambo in Rambo ($1,000 – $2,000); his combat boots worn in Rambo: Last Blood ($2,000 – $3,000); a Sylvester Stallone signed “John Rambo” sweatshirt display from Rambo: First Blood ($10,000 – $20,000); a stunt assault rifle prop from Rambo: First Blood II ($10,000 – $20,000); a John Rambo machete from Rambo: Last Blood ($8,000 – $10,000), a Sylvester Stallone signed Rambo film production chair ($2,000 – 3,000) (photo above right)and others. Other action-packed items from Stallone’s biggest films will be featured such as, a complete Gianni Versace designed costume ($10,000 – $20,000) (photo right) and a helmet and face cast ($8,000 – $10,000) from Judd Dredd; a helmet and a knife necklace ($1,000 – $5,000 each), throwing knives ($3,000-$5,000), and a Luminor Panerai watch used by Stallone as Barney Ross in The Expendables ($10,000 – $20,000); a leather thumb brace with skull snaps screen-used and worn by Sylvester Stallone as Barney Ross in The Expendables 3 ($1,000 – $2,000); a crow sculpture with guns ($8,000 – $10,000) from The Expendables Gianni Versace designed costume from Judge DreddCliffhanger arm sculpture
a Sylvester Stallone Demolition Mansculpture ($3,000 – $5,000); a stunt gun prop used by Sylvester Stallone as Robert Rath in Assassins ($3,000 – $5,000); his sheriff uniform worn as his character Freddy Heflin in Cop Land ($3,000 – $5,000); his prison uniform and boots worn by Stallone for his character Ray Breslin/Anthony Portos in Escape Plan ($2,000 – $3,000); a Cliffhangerarm sculpture ($5,000 – $7,000) and more. (photo left: Cliffhanger arm sculpture) 
“Sylvester Stallone is one of the great icons and immense talents of the 20th and 21st century who is the epitome of a multi-hyphenated Hollywood superstar,” said Darren Julien, CEO/President of Julien’s Auctions. “With a remarkable career that began over 50 years ago and shows no sign of stopping today, he changed the world and the action film universe by giving us two of Hollywood’s greatest and most enduring heroes and cultural symbols, Rocky and Rambo. Julien’s Auctions is proud to present this epic auction that comes entirely from the personal collection of this magnanimous man, the myth, the legend, Sylvester Stallone.”

Julien’s Auctions
257 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, 
CA 90210

Exhibition: Monday, November 29th – Friday, December 3rd, 2021
11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time 
Free to the public

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:


The 10th Annual Waxman Luncheon




The 10th Annual Waxman Luncheon, benefiting the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation (SWCRF), took place in New York City at a new venue, Riverpark. The fundraising event featured a live, thrilling fashion show by legendary designer, Josie Natori, showcasing the Spring 2024 collection. This year’s honoree was Barney Cohen, Managing Director and Wealth Partner at J.P. Morgan Wealth Management, was recognized for his commitment to supporting collaborative cancer research.

Waxman Luncheon Chairs included: Chairs Marion N. Waxman, Jani Gerard, and Erica Linden-Fineberg; Co-Chairs Dina Koutroumanis, Nancy Litman, Lauren Silvers, and Helen Vaysman. The Committee included Karen Giberson, Leena Gurevich, Orital Karelic, Regina Kravitz, Norah Lawlor, Lorri Scott, Jean Shafiroff, and Bettina Waxman.

Notable Attendees included: Barney Cohen, Rachelle Cohen , Josie Natori, Dr. Samuel Waxman, Marion Waxman, Jani Gerard, Kobi Halperin, Helen Vaysman, Ruth Rozenholcabend, Alyssa Klein, Nancy Litman, Lauren Silvers, Brooke Herman Zarkowsky, Jean Shafiroff, Maria Fishel, Mariebel Lieberman, and Ann Liguori.

More than 150 guests attended the affair and helped raise nearly $175,000 to support crucial SWCRF initiatives such as the International Network on Aging and Cancer and the Women’s Cancer Research Program.

Josie Natori, Samuel Waxman

In addition to the fashion presentation, guests were treated to an exciting live auction and had the opportunity to win a Mikimoto Akoya Cultured Pearl and Diamond Pendant valued at $16,000, donated by Mikimoto.

J.P. Morgan was the Luncheon sponson and in-kind donors included Mikimoto, Natori, Palm Bay International, Neuhaus Chocolates, Kobi Halperin, Arlotta Cashmere, Fendi, Movdo Group, Inc., Sachin & Babi, Jimmy Choo, Jil Sander, Chloé, Carlos Falchi, Maximilian, and many more. Flowers provided courtesy of ByRobin Event Design and Management Group.

Since 1976, SWCRF has invested more than $120 million towards collaborative, cross-institutional research, supporting more than 200 investigators around the world.

The SWCRF philosophy of collaboration has led to breakthrough discoveries such as a treatment for acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), developed in collaboration with researchers at the Shanghai Institute of Hematology that improved the survival rate to 95% (APL had an 80% fatality rate). Most recently, research funded by SWCRF led to an FDA approved medication shown to reduce lung cancer tumors by up to 50% by targeting the KRAS protein, helped develop an innovative two-drug therapy to better treat brain tumors which are often difficult to target, and studies exploring how aging impacts the spread of ovarian cancer in older patients. Several other studies are in clinical trials.

Photos by BFA / Rupert Ramsay

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Luisa Diaz Foundation Hosts Dazzling 10th Anniversary Black Tie Mag Gala




Everything about the night sparkled with blissful joy. On May 15, the Luisa Diaz Foundation celebrated a milestone 10th anniversary black tie MAG gala at The Plaza Hotel.

Notable Attendees included: Luisa Diaz Brown, Alan Brown, Peter Thomas Roth, Beatriz Gasca, Noreen Donovan, Candace Bushnell, Julia Haart, Lynda Lopez, Tracey Turco, Fernando Allende, Trish Steele, Anne Fontaine, Nicole Miller, Jane Shafiroff, Consuelo Vanderbilt, DJ Chloe Jane, and Pamela Morgan.

Nicole Miller

It was a grand “Celebration of Kindness” attended by important international changemakers from across the globe and underpins the organization’s motto that “kindness is cool.”

Candace Bushnell

The night started with an introduction from special host Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Runway of Hope show featured the survivors as the focal point of the evening.  Pamela Morgan, star of her one-woman Broadway show sang and after dinner the celebrations were put into high gear by singer and DJ Chloe Jane. Eyewitness News Kristin N. Thorne introduced the charities that were beneficiaries of this year’s Gala.

Consuelo Vanderbilt

The night started with an introduction from special host Consuelo Vanderbilt, the Runway of Hope show featured the survivors as the focal point of the evening.  Pamela Morgan, star of her one-woman Broadway show sang and after dinner the celebrations were put into high gear by singer and DJ Chloe Jane. Eyewitness News Kristin N. Thorne introduced the charities that were beneficiaries of this year’s Gala.

Peter Thomas Roth

Three Kindness is Cool Awards were given to honorees at the Gala –  Peter Thomas Roth Presented by Candace Bushnell, Beatriz Gasca presented by Lynda Lopez and Jovani Fashions presented by Juliia Faist.

The survivors surprised Luisa with a proclamation from the New York State Senate recognizing the work she is doing with survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking as well as living up to her overarching theme of “Kindness is Cool”  by proclaiming May 15th,  “Luisa Diaz Day.”

Luisa Diaz and Guests

The annual event this year honored a decade of changing lives in communities across America with 2024 focusing on two organizations – Safe Passage Heals and Sanctuary for Families.

The survivors surprised Luisa with a proclamation from the New York State Senate recognizing the work she is doing with survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking as well as living up to her overarching theme of “Kindness is Cool”  by proclaiming May 15th,  “Luisa Diaz Day.”

An all-star lineup of presenters and performers dedicated the night to honorees and the organizations that are collectively shinning a light on the dangers of human trafficking and sharing support for the fight to help domestic violence survivors. The subjects are often not focused on, and this event hopes to spread much-needed awareness.


Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Greg Pace


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Amas Musical Theatre’s 55th Annual Benefit Gala Concert And You Are There



Amas Musical Theatre celebrated its 55th Anniversary at Baruch Performing Arts Center. This was their 55th annual Gala Benefit Concert.

The gala started with a champagne toast, then a a concert performance of “A Lotta Night Music,” directed by Jonathan Cerullo. A cast of Broadway luminaries performed songs from such shows as Grease, They’re Playing Our Song, and A Little Night Music, among others.

Ilene Kristen and Patricia Birch

Liz Callaway

Carole Demas

Carole Demas

Teens from The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy were a part of the evening.

Dee Hoty

Hugh Panaro

Robert Cuccioli and Joanna Carpenter

Robert Cuccioli

The evening culminated with the presentation of the 2024 “Rosie” Award to Honorees award-winning choreographer and director Patricia Birch (A Little Night Music, Parade)

Honorees Len Cariou and Patricia Birch

Tony Award-wining actor Len Cariou (Sweeney Todd, Applause)

Donna Trinkoff and Honoree Tim Butler of Butler and Tibbetts

Liz Callaway and Len Cariou

Adran Zmed, Sharleen Cooper Cohen and Ken Waissman

Lorna Luft, Adrian Zmed and Patricia Birch

Robert Kalfin and Len Cariou

Cast and Creative of tonights show

Robert Cuccioli and Len Cariou

and Butler Tibbets, a beloved corporate sponsor for Amas programs for many years.

Kylie Kuioka

Patricia Birch , Lorna Luft

Lorna Luft,Adrian Zmed

Joanna Carpenter

Geoffrey Owns

Adrian Zmed

Carole Demas and Lorna Luft

Hugh Panaro and Len Cariou

Jonathan Cerullo and Richie Ridge

Jonathan Cerullo and Robert Cuccioli

Donna Trinkoff and Ken Waissman

Barry Kleinbort

Christopher Scott and Donna Trinkoff

Barry Kleinbort and Honoree Len Cariou

Fred Redd

Maria Torres and John O’Conner

Patricia Birch

Sam Freed and Patricia Birch

Lynne Taylor Corbett and Sean Corbett

Sarah Beth Grossman, Sharleen Cooper Cohen and Celso Gonzalez

Jonathan Cerullo

Lou Liberatore and Christopher Scott

Jennifer Toldeo and Antonio Baldbinas

Riki Kane Larimer and James Morgan

Stephanie Rosenberg


Bill Russell

Mark William

Jim Kierstead

Alexandra Trinkoff, Daryl Ruben Hall, Donna Trinkoff, Sharleen Cooper Cohen, Jason Rose, Stephanie Rosenberg, Linda Chichester and Eric Krebs

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Voices for Victoria Launches Call-To-Action Campaign Ahead of June 6th: National Naloxone Awareness Day



In today’s America, there is an urgent ongoing crisis which can no longer go on. Within the last year, it was reported that over 112,000 lives were lost to opioid- and fentanyl-related overdoses. This epidemic is affecting everyone from all walks of life, leaving all vulnerable to the horrific nature of what has become a sad mark on our country’s history.

The crucial time to turn this statistic around and to create a better tomorrow has arrived, and we’re all responsible for answering the call. Voices for Victoria is a movement that was initiated by philanthropist Nancy Ross in support of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization founded with a mission of educating individuals on substance abuse prevention and addiction resources.

Dedicated to spreading awareness about opioid overdose reversal medications like Naloxone, Victoria’s Voice is collectively working day and night to bring attention to a mass movement for change. In need of assistance from advocates, celebrities, and government officials alike, the organization is asking for individuals to join the mission to generate more education and accessibility for Naloxone. At the same time the trailblazers are educating communities about its life-saving potential. They firmly believe that everyone deserves to have access to this vital medication.

For Ross—a mother, investigative journalist, philanthropist, and overdose awareness advocate—the fight to save the next generation is one that hits close to home.

“It’s so important that we are creating the kind of world that’s conducive for not only our children to inhabit, but generations upon generations of teenagers who are going to eventually learn about the impacts of substance addiction,” Ross asserts. “As a mom, I want to know that I’m helping to create a better world for my three children, and for the many students and community members whom this has already affected. We have to fight to save people from the clutches of this epidemic.”

By kickstarting an empowering #VoicesForVictoria social media campaign, this initiative sends a powerful message to communities across the nation that tangible reform is just around the corner, and that no one life should go overlooked. Using a platform has the influence to make a real difference in this fight against opioid overdose deaths.

“I learned about Naloxone after attending an event for Victoria’s Voice, and was blown away by the work they were doing in the community,” Ross says. “Imagine, Victoria could’ve been my own child. The thought that parents are losing their children due to a simple lack of awareness surrounding Naloxone is heartbreaking, but Voices for Victoria is working to remedy that. We are going to make a real difference through this movement.”

As both a parent and public figure, Ross feels responsible for helping to spread the word. As she joins with Victoria’s Voice, the philanthropist seeks to get others to respond to the call of advocacy, and to get the message about Naloxone out to every part of this country.

By reaching wider audiences, #VoicesForVictoria allows even more individuals to join the movement and encourage others to learn more about the life-saving capabilities of Naloxone. From neighbors to friends to loved ones, involvement with this campaign has the profound ability to save millions of people from succumbing to preventable deaths. Through Naloxone awareness, Victoria’s Voice.

Various initiatives leading up to National Naloxone Awareness Day on June 6 are in the works, with one such notable event featuring media personality and the “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, with a live TikTok and Q&A session on Saturday, May 18 at 3pm EST. Belfort is helping to lead the charge to help save the next generation before it is too late. The critical information will be on his feed in front of his 3.6 million followers on his TikTok account, @wolfofwallstreet.

Victoria’s Voice was founded after Victoria Siegel—the daughter of “The Real Queen of Versailles” icon Jackie Siegel—passed away from a drug overdose on June 6, 2015, at just 18 years old. Victoria was just one of 129 Americans who lost their lives to  a drug overdose on that day. Since then, a staggering number of families across the United States have lost a loved one to overdose. In fact, nearly 300 people die from a drug overdose every single day in this country.

Join the movement today, and save lives with Voices for Victoria on the Victoria’s Voice Foundation official website.

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New York Women’s Foundation Celebrating Women Breakfast




New York Women’s Foundation Celebrating Women Breakfast took place on May 8 to celebrate leading change-making organizations and individuals.

Held at the New York Marriott Marquis Hotel, honorees and The Foundation’s grantee partners who are advancing innovative and bold solutions to create an equitable and just future for women and families in the New York City metro area and beyond were recognized.

Cynthia Nixon

The day recognized Foundation CHANEL with the Vision Award for the organization’s courageous efforts in creating a world where women and girls are free to shape their own destiny. The following changemakers were awarded with Celebrating Women Awards: Andrea Arroyo, an award-winning visual artist, New York Liberty, an original WNBA team who embraces its role to elevate and embrace women while building community, Cynthia Nixon, Emmy and Tony award winning actress, activist, and theater director, Toshi Reagon, a singer songwriter who knows the power of song to unite and mobilize people for justice, and S. Mona Sinha, Global Executive Director of Equality Now.

Ana Oliveira


The awards were presented by Jacqueline Woodson, MacArthur Fellow and National Book Award-winner for her children’s and adult books, Ana Maria Archilla, immigrant rights, worker justice, LGBTQ rights, and women’s rights advocate, and Foundation Board Members Anne Delaney, Helene Banks, Lola C. West, and Karen Choi.

Notable attendees included Fogo Azul NYC, Andrea Arroyo, Cynthia Nixon, Toshi Reagon, S. Mona Sinha, Jacqueline Woodson, Ana Maria Archilla, Anne Delaney, Helene Banks, Lola C. West, Karen Choi, Ana L. Olivieri, and Jean Shafiroff.

Since 1987, The Foundation has invested $125 million in 500+ organizations, creating a vibrant community of grantees, philanthropists, advocates, innovators, and change-makers.

To learn more about The New York Women’s Foundation’s work to transform lives, families, and communities, please visit


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