June Astrology To Heal

June Astrology To Heal



June Astrology

On June 4th the New Moon is in Gemini. On June 20th Sagittarius. On the 29th Mars is direct until then Mars is in retrograde and lasting longer than it normally would. It suggests there are karmic reasons behind these frustrating circumstances.

Gemini: Happy Birthday to the two of you, you duel babies. This month compassion is a key to a better sense of self and harmony with others. Cultivating new ideas with will bring success in business. Plays well with other is your new motto. Strengthening present relationships, building strong foundations for your future and celebrations with family and friend should be on the top of your priority list.


Cancer: Shake of the dust, gorgeous! Are you tired of keeping things hidden? June gives you a new sense of self, along with a thunderbolt of self confidence. You emerge and score big with yourself others. Remember though to keep strong “loving” boundaries. Your about to enjoy a very busy summer. Simply delightful!


Leo: Just shower yourself with loving adoration. Inspired you are and in the spirit of giving. You will be doing a little shopping, so don’t be surprised at the extravagant spending. You won’t be just shopping for yourself but also others. Perhaps because you must deliver a heart felt gift with a bit of style and class. These gifts shoot straight from the heart and others will respond with the warmest of responses. The beginning of summer starts off with some flirty and romantic moments. Can you say Ooh La La!


Virgo: You are a little cranky, wanting things your own way? Refusing to compromise? Well get over it! This is a karmic time that requires balance and sharing with others. This is a training period preparing you for future successes. Virgo you have the ability to make choices, you can choose to create a positive or a negative outcome. Allow time for spiritual reflection, this will give you peace and strength in your decision making. There is always a balance between material and spiritual. Perhaps it is a good time to become involved in philanthropic endeavors which will aid humanity. Remember love and compromise is an important key ingredient in the summer months ahead.


Libra: Dreams are workings in your subconscious mind. The sunshine and fresh air are natural healing forces. Getting in touch with your sensitive side, will allow you to be receptive. Follow your intuitive messages. This is the illuminating guidance of your being. Free your mind, visualize, speak your truth, speak blessings over your future. You have a desire to succeed. Your friendly and easy going nature gets you there.

Scorpio: Light, love and peace. Your past efforts are coming to fruition which gives you some free time. This time is a much needed break. It is necessary to center yourself, claim some space in order to rejuvenate. A cleanse or retreat for a few days will purify the toxicity which have accumulated from stress, fear and over extending yourself through the winter. You will gain new found respect from loved ones for taking a time out and caring for yourself. Enjoy simplicity in all things. Your summer is going to be filled with moments that awaken your spirit. New experiences will be most fulfilling.

Sagittarius: You have been given the gift of an active mind. Your ideas bring you abundance. You are graced with a fiesty spirit and feel the need to uphold truth and justice. This summer you seem to use your leadership skills to make a difference in your community. You will make new friends, travel and discover a new found purpose in which to live by.

Capricorn: This is a nice time for you Capricorn. Your summer starts off a little rocky mostly due to miscommunications. Into the second week everything smooths over and it’s happy times ahead. Your attentions turn to a summer of peaceful rest. You act calmly with peace and sincerity. You exhibit high ethical standards which gives you the opportunity to create positive opportunity for others.

Aquarius: Your intellectual achievements will be rewarded and or noticed. You are most persuasive now and your words can have a profound effect on the public. You have been determined to overcome any obstacles and you do so with due diligence. Remember to speak with conviction, do not speak with doubt, speak from truth. It is a good time to go beneath the superficial, dive deep and emerge with a greater sense of self. You are extremely versatile and are able to reflect upon the inspirations you receive. You are a pioneer.

Pisces: You have been given the opportunity to evaluate your present circumstances. Common sense and logic back up your decision making. This is a fun time and you are investigating all possibilities, establishing new priorities and setting worthwhile goals. You are graced with the support and affections of others. Pisces this is a time of activity and movement. There are many invites on the way this summer so get ready to get out and be a social butterfly.

Aries: Remember art, beauty, peace and justice is very much a part of who you are. Do not deviate from what you feel to be true, follow your intuition. Pull back the reins a little. Go inward exploring the unexplored territory of your mind. Where are you going, why, how and what is it you really want from your life? You are are interested in building. You bring originality to everything so go with it! You benefit from discipline and achieving your goals. This is an excellent opportunity to really define and understand your life’s purpose. Disciplining oneself gives you the upper hand. Efficiency followed by adventure.

Taurus: How are you interacting with others lately? You will find yourself looking into personal relationships and how you will deal them. How people, places and things fit into your life is what you will be pondering. This is important work you are doing. Note: this is only fustrating if you allow those energies to dominate the situation. Mercury in retrograde in your sign gives you an opportunity to claim a new found power, release control and step into Nirvana.

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