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KakaoTalk for Windows Launching Some Extraordinary Features

KakaoTalk for Windows Launching Some Extraordinary Features

It is said communication is the key to success. Communication is the key to success for any relationship, business deal, study session or whatever is done in life. Since everything requires communication. The best kind of communication is the two way communication where both parties communicate equally well.

As the need for communication has increased, worldwide, the communication has become expensive. No doubt, the World Wide Web has made communication convenient, but it has also made communication expensive. Though people from different parts of the world can communicate with one another with ease, but there is a heft cost associated wo that communication. The need for low cost or even free communication was always felt and hence such applications that could resolve the issues were created. One of those free communication offering applications includes KakaoTalk which is also known as Ka Talk. KakaoTalk has become s renowned name in the western world in short span of time mainly in South Korea, gradually expanding itself to the entire world.

KakaoTalk is a free mobile instant messaging application developed by Kakao Corporation, which is a South Korean internet company that was formed after the merger of Daum Communications and Kakao in 2014, formerly named as DaumKakao later changing its name to Kakao. KakaoTalk was launched on 18th March 2010; initially developed as a freeware smartphone instant messaging client, which later extended its offerings to free texts and free call service. Formerly developed for smartphones KakaoTalk, for the expansion of its users, further extended compatibility to different operating systems and devices such as Apple IOS, Mac IOS, Android, Bada OS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows NT and Nokia Asha.

KakaoTalk is the most popular Asia based mobile messaging applications mainly offering free text and free call application available with multiple other features, available in 15 languages. KakaoTalk is also called as Ka Talk. KakaoTalk holds the badge for being the first messenger to acquire ISO 27001 certification and being the most used free mobile instant messaging application in South Korea with a statistics of 93 percent. Whereas, KakaoTalk is used in over 130 countries of the world. Until the mid of year 2017, KakaoTalk had 220 registered users from worldwide out of which 140 million registered users from Korea alone. KakaoTalk currently has around more than 50 million active users worldwide.

KakaoTalk does not only provides free texts and free calls, but it also offers conference call options and various chat rooms for its users. KakaoTalk also provides features that enablesthe users to share photos, audios, videos, voice messages, contact information, location, location details, stickers, emoticons, GIFs, animated emoticons, URLs and navigation services as well as well as other kinds of content. KakaoTalk also includes walkie talkie features, options for customization of application themes along with polling and scheduling features. KakaoTalk also offers a payment option for South Korean users with the name of KakaoPay that can be used for mobile payments and as a digital wallet service.

KakaoTalk has expended from just being a free mobile instant messaging application to an entire social media with multiple service offerings. KakaoTalk is also compatible on Windows. KakaoTalkfor Windows is available for free download on the internet as well as the Windows Microsoft Store for Microsoft Windows users. KakaoTalk enables its users who use KakaoTalk for Windows be able to communicate to everyone and anyone for free via text messages, calls or by using other means of medias such as audios, videos, photos, animations, locations, World Wide Web links, etc. However, KakaoTalk can only be used when the people communicating have the KakaoTalk application installed and available. The two or more people communicating must have KakaoTalk installed, which means both the users who intend to communicate for free must have KakaoTalk downloaded and installed in their smartphones, desktops using whatever operating system. KakaoTalk application is widely available on the internet in general and on different operating system stores for free. The registration process for KakaoTalk is simple. Registration for KakaoTalk for Windows is the same as the registration process for KakaoTalk for smartphones. KakaoTalk for Windows has already offered an option that allow users to show their expressions via free text messaging by sending emoticons and animated emoticons.

KakaoTalk is constantly working on offering some new and excellent features for KakaoTalk for Windows users such as secret chat options, which will not enable the users to keep a record of the chat, making the chats private and secret. The introduction of this feature for KakaoTalk will make communication over the secret and privatematters more easier and convenient than ever. The sharing of private documents, passwords, pictures and messages will become easier with the secret communication option. Apart from this, a number of other features are also said to be added that have not been disclosed about yet. But this is pretty much sure that KakaoTalk is going to become more and more exciting for its users than ever before, with the likelihood of its increased use of KakaoTalk for Windows.

KakaoTalk is becoming a widespread and popular a free mobile instant messaging application gradually replacing the other a free mobile instant messaging applications. According to the statistics of mid 2017, KakaoTalk has 220 million registered users. 140 million registered users of KakaoTalk are from Korea alone. It is used in over 130 countries of the world with a usage rate of 55.6 percent of the world. Although people perceive that whatsapp is the most highly used a free mobile instant messaging application in the world. Whereas, the above listed figures clearly negate this general perception, proving that KakaoTalk is the most widely used a free mobile instant messaging application in the world, which is also available for different operating systems and devices in order to broaden its user stats. KakaoTalk is used by 93 percent of Smartphone users, although KakaoTalk for Windows is also available and offers the same features and options as KakaoTalk for Smartphone.


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