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Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Orderly with This Software

Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Orderly with This Software

Running a restaurant can be hectic at times. Not every business deals every day in boiling liquids, hot temperatures and sharp knives! Every restaurant owner wants a kitchen that is orderly and efficient.

Now, there is technologically designed specifically for restaurants which helps to keep kitchens organized and thriving. Read on to learn more about what employee scheduling software can do.

Schedules Everyone Loves, Faster

When schedule creation is fast and stress-free, employees can devote more time and focus to their work. Entrusting an app for your work schedule streamlines what can be a time-consuming and bothersome task that impacts your employees’ personal lives, and it will help employees concentrate on their work. 

It produces such excellent schedules because while it uses automation to save time (up to 80% less time, in fact), your employees can easily relay to their manager when they’re free to work through the app. This combination creates a schedule that maximizes for speed and responsiveness.

All an employee needs to do to let their manager know their availability is indicate through the app’s drag-and-drop calendar when they’re free to work; no more scrawling in busy calendars in the back room! Employees don’t even need to physically be in the restaurant, so the whole process is faster.

Managers can also receive and approve days off requests through the app, so employees have an easier time managing their personal lives while the restaurant has its staffing organized further in advance.

Manager Log Books

The best employee scheduling software has manager log books which keep decision makers in the know about what’s going on in the kitchen and everywhere else at all times. Vital statistics such as total sales, total labor and more are presented in a way that’s clear and digestible.

Because it’s cloud-based, the information is accessible from anywhere, cannot get lost, and gets updated in real time. The log books can be used to track shift activity and keep daily notes and follow-up tasks all in one place.

Comply with Labor Effortlessly

Restaurant kitchens are a work environment which requires concentration. Food that’s been accidentally overcooked can’t be reversed; it has to be done right the first time.

It’s important to ensure that employees get all the breaks they need, and employee scheduling software makes this easy. It helps prevent them from accidentally being scheduled with overtime pay, so the restaurant doesn’t accidentally give them too much work.

But this software also helps restaurants comply with labor laws by enforcing legally required breaks during a shift. Keeping your chefs fresh and well rested while dodging financial penalties is a sure recipe for more success in the kitchen.

Especially around the Christmas holidays, restaurant kitchens are a bustling and lively place. It’s important to use the modern tools at your disposal: keep the processes in your restaurant’s kitchen streamlined and functioning effectively while helping your cooks to feel like they’re in top form by getting employee scheduling software today. 


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