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Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone Rad Summary

Keith Ferrazzi’s Never Eat Alone Rad Summary

If you don’t know, Never Eat Alone is a book guide written by Keith Ferrazzi. He has written the book to help and guide people in establishing and managing the mostimportant relationships in their business life.

If you are a business person or a person who’s just starting out his first job, then this book will be a good read for you. However, this book will hardly impress experienced negotiators and networkers, but with the exception of those people who are new to the topic. This article will summarize Keith Ferrazzi’s book to give you a bit of an insight about the book’s content.

About the Book

Keith Ferrazzi’s“Never Eat Alone”, is a book that reveals the secrets of a successful networking. This book hasbecome a bestseller internationally, aside from that, it has also gaineda lot of positive reviews from readers and critics.

3 Lessons That You Can Learn in Networking from the Book

Ferrazzihas learned how important it is to have powerful relationships and how it can help out with his life.

Here is a short Never Eat Alone Rad Summary of the book. This may be short, but you can learn a lot from it:

Lesson #1: Relationships Grow like Muscles, they don’t disappear like Cakes.

Keith Ferrazzi’s book has a really good analogy in describing how relationships work. Therefore, this is a good thing to know before you start building yours. Ferrazzi has said thatgood relationships are not like a cake, they don’t disappear and get smaller with every slice you take. And like muscles, building good relationships will take time, therefore, you’ll need patience.

Lesson #2: Build Your Network Now, Not When You Only Need It.

You needed to build your network long before you actually need it, just like when buying safety vests. You can’t buy a safety gear when the ship’s already sinking. If you’ve builta good relationship with someone with understanding and trust, you’ll be sure that you can count on them when you needed their help, and that is when you face a problem that you can’t solve on your own. Besides that, nobody wants a person that only sticks around when he or she needs your help. In fact, everyone wants to be respected and feel valued.

Lesson #3: What Matters is How You Spend Your Time with people, Not How Much Time You Spend with them.

A lot of people gets a headache when they think about networking, that is because they thinkof the width and not its depth. You don’t need to have a lot of contacts like Ferrazzi, what you need are reallytrusted friends. Having a good network is not about having brief acquaintances, it’s about having good friends that you can trust with for a very long time.


Do not rush in building your contact, just take it one step at a time. Make yourself open, and try sharing your vulnerable moments in life. More importantly, give them your full attention.

Nevertheless, having onetrusted friend is definitely worth more than a thousand contacts. This is just a short summary of the book, And there are a lot of trusted references for this book never eat alone.

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