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Khachaturov Danil Eduardovich: a strong leader Rosgosstrakh company, interested in the development of employees

Khachaturov Danil Eduardovich: a strong leader Rosgosstrakh company, interested in the development of employees

What you can advise executives, who are tasked with identifying and promoting talented employees? While you think about this question, we found a person who knows a better answer. Ex-president of RGS Danil Eduardovich Khachaturov is sure that any manager needs thoroughly know and understand the training system, as well as be able to apply it in work with his employees. That’s not all! You can read the details in the article.

In the same way that executives know the retail sales system, the automated data management systems in the company, they should know the training system. It is also an essential tool for completing business tasks.

Danil Khachaturov: how to use the training system correctly

The former head of the RGS Danil Khachaturov claims that in Rosgosstrakh, training is considered a priority for employees, but all without fanaticism.

He said more than once: training should have a specific goal and give a specific result. In any economic situation, RGS has invested, is investing, and will continue to invest huge resources in the development of its employees, creating more and more opportunities for development: “It is the duty of all of us, managers and employees, to use these opportunities as efficiently as possible to become highly qualified professionals and real state insurers. After all, this is the strength of our Company!”.

What do we know about RGS and Danil Khachaturov?

Danil Khachaturov took over as advisor to the general director of Rosgosstrakh in May 2002. He became CEO by July of that year. And he headed the company as CEO on April 1, 2004.

It should be noted that at that time Rosgosstrakh wasn’t among the market leaders and earned almost nothing. And when investment banker Ruben Vardanyan and his company Troika Dialog helped Danil Eduardovich Khachaturov to privatize RGS, he soberly evaluated the company’s real estate much more expensive than the company itself. True, the RGS portfolio included at most 15 attractive objects.

According to people who know Danil Khachaturov closely, he always worked 24/7, sincerely considering this company to be his brainchild. He liked to compare Rosgosstrakh with a large ship, around which small competing boats scurried. Not only Moscow, but all of Russia has become a “battlefield”. If in the capital the new director was primarily interested in real estate, then outside of it it was necessary to collect disparate branches into a single network and create a business from scratch where there was none. And he succeeded. 

As we can see, Rosgosstrakh began to be called the insurance Sberbank and the most successful insurance company in the country after just a few years.


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