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Kill time and make money

Kill time and make money

Nowadays, there are several avenues for people to make some extra cash, even while their eyes are closed. This is because the online world paved the way for several money making channels that allow people to generate more bucks, whether constantly or sporadically. 

If you are interested in how you can make money while killing time, then better read on.

Online garage sale

If you feel like you have way too much stuff that are no longer being used in your household, then perhaps now is the time to hold a garage sale. However, if you don’t have the time to put up all the things for sale in your garage, or you don’t really have a garage where you can display the stuff you want to sell, then do everything online. Simply take a picture of the items that you want to put up for sale and upload these on your social media accounts and let your friends know that you are letting your things go. All that’s left to arrange is the shipping and delivery of the items if your buyers don’t live within your proximity.

Play online games

There are now several games that you can play online and some reward you with cash when you win, such as online casino games. Nowadays, we have a world of entertainment on our mobile devices wherever we go. As soon as you have some time to kill, simply visit a casino online and take a spin on slots, of course, it is up to luck if you will win but that dull moment could turn out to be quite prosperous. While it is true that you need to deposit a certain amount when you register to be able to access the games and start playing, you can also leverage on the sign up bonuses and rewards to play longer and increase your chances of winning. Keep in mind to play the games with a smaller jackpot because you have a higher probability of winning in these games.

Answer paid surveys

Another way for you to kill time and make money by doing so is by answering paid surveys. Surveys are utilized by different enterprises in conducting their market research, which is why several companies pay people who are fit with their demographic requirements to answer some of their survey questions. While it is true that you won’t be a millionaire by answering the surveys, it is a great way to spend your downtime because you can get some pretty good cash from it.

Venture into vlogging

Nowadays, the blog trend is no longer only uploading text content, but more and more audiences find it more entertaining to watch videos instead. Hence, the term vlogging, or video blogging came about wherein bloggers upload informative or amusing videos for the consumption of their audiences. The next time you travel, or even simply lounge in your yard, consider taking a video and start becoming a YouTube sensation.

You can use your down time to occasionally generate a hefty amount of cash, or consistently bring in revenue. You don’t really have to venture far because the online world will already provide several channels for you to do so. Thus, it can be deemed that in this modern times, everyone already has the chance to get hold of some extra cash, even as they sleep.


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