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Killing Eve – The New Sensation Of BBC America

Killing Eve – The New Sensation Of BBC America

Killing Eve is a spectacularly peculiar knock-out show” – Vogue

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Since we’re talking about shows, mentioning one that has created a sensation on BBC America will be the done thing!

The screen opens with a gorgeous lady in a pink gown, bragging to two men. Who knew that in the scenes to come, she will be pointing a blade at one of them uttering, “You have to trust me”. Did you recall anything? The second episode of Killing Eve, of course.

Welcome to the world of Killing Eve, a television series that will thrill your cores and plunge you intosomething more than suspense! After all, it’s not every day that we see a spy vs spy concept. Nothing is left out. Comedy, mounting tension, thrill, action; the list is endless.

Say hello to Villanelle! To tag her as an assassin, shrew or “femme fatale” that’s your choice but believe us, she will prove that she holds the title you bestowed upon her! The protagonist of Killing Eve is not to be messed with! Unlike regular assassins, this one keeps up to her feminity. The attitude on point, grace in movement and enchantment in her words, her gaze is enough to snatch hearts… Seriously, she’ll bring it out!

Villanelleis an assassin that leaves out trails of high profile murders in numerous countries. Her carnage catches the attention of the newly recruited MI6 agent, Eve Polastri. Well, who is Eve? A dedicated and highly critical lady! Eve was recruited by the Russian Section of MI6 and soon, she becomes obsessed in tracking down the vile woman. Oh, by the way, she manages to stab her at the end of the season but Villanelle escapes. Why? Because a season 2 has to be released!

At the premiere of  Killing Eve in April 2018, the makers announced that there will be a second season. Yet, no release date was declared. Jump to last week when the news resurfaced. Fans were delighted that they will be salvaged from the huge cliff-hanging they’ve faced at the end of season one. According to recent reports, the show is expected to explore the story of Villanelle and Eve once again. Light will be shed onto Eve’s mysterious Russian Employer, Carolyn. So much secrets lefts to be uncovered. Will it all be revealed in the second season or will there be a third? Room for interpretation right there!

Killing Eve met with critical response from the audience. Approval ratings? Reach to 97%. Loads of critics and review sites praised the performance of Sandra Oh, who plays the role of Eve and Jodie Comer as Villanelle. Their obsession for each other became an iconic image for the show and there has not been a single moment that they left behind their motives.

Even if there is no announcementof the release date of the season two, do not worry. It will happen soon. We are waiting enthusiasticallyas well. After all, we’re all looking forward to someone getting killed!



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