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Know The Types of Grass That Suit Different Lawn Conditions and Seasons

Know The Types of Grass That Suit Different Lawn Conditions and Seasons

The type of soil, the climatic condition and the amount of sunshine determines the kind of grass that would be suitable for your landscaping plan. When you decide to spruce up the open area of your home with a well-tended lawn with neat beds of vibrant plants splashed among lush green grass freshly mowed, you might have some grass in mind.

What kind of turfgrass suits your lawn depends not only on the amount of sun or shade but also the altitude, the availability of water and the amount of foot traffic that the lawn is likely to experience. The seasons also affect grass growth, as you would find warm season grasses and cool season grasses. It would be helpful to know about the options available to make well-informed decisions in creating the dream landscape. What are the types of grasses that you could consider for your lawn would become clear on reading this article?

Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass that has a speedy growth rate among warm season grasses can tolerate heat and drought and capable of withstanding heavy use while recovering very quickly. Toughness and resilience are the qualities of Bermuda grass that makes it attractive for resisting weed growth. However, be careful to keep the grass from invading flowerbeds s it can impair the growth of plants.


The advantage of Bahia grass is that it can thrive in conditions where many other kinds of grass face difficulties to grow. This tough grass is typical of southeastern United States as it can withstand heat and humidity. The rough texture of the grass allows good tolerance to foot traffic.


If you are looking for low-maintenance tough grass that also grows slowly, then Centipede grass is what you are looking for. The acidic soil of low South is conducive to the growth of Centipede that is excellent is pests and weed.


Northern Americans are used to Bluegrass that has exceptional texture and color when given the right conditions to thrive in cool climates. For a beautiful Bluegrass lawn, you need the right mix of sunshine, water and of course good soil.


Chewings fescue, fine fescue, hard fescue, tall fescue and creeping red fescue are some varieties of Fescue grass that grow well in cold climatic conditions. Each variety responds differently to heat, drought, and shade and it is better to know about it before selection.

St. Augustine

This grass grows well on sandy soil and in warm climates. Unlike other grasses of war season, the bluish-green color does not fade as the season progresses.


A warm and sunny climate is perfect for Zoysia grass that also needs a well-drained landscape. The grass needed good care and given the proper attention that it deserves it creates the greenery you look for.

Perennial Ryegrass

Ideal for lawns that handles heavy foot traffic, Perennial Ryegrass that germinates and establishes quickly is a popular choice across the United States. But, the way of using the grass varies from one region to another.


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