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Krakatau: The Loudest Sound in Recorded History

Krakatau: The Loudest Sound in Recorded History

Have you ever wondered what the loudest sound has been?

Are you interested to know what the loudest sound in recorded history is? Well, there is one event that stands out to this day. It may have happened back in 1883, but it continues to have a powerful story. Indeed, we are yet to see another event like it and what happens remains the loudest sound known to man. It is referred to as Krakatau. So, let’s cut to the chase and find out what this sound was and what we know about what happened.

Where and When Krakatau Happened 

First of all, you may see two names used often. This includes Krakatau and Krakatoa. They both mean the same thing. The first is the Indonesian name for the island. Indeed, a lot of people recite this as the correct one. But, you will see a lot of people use Krakatoa too. The most important thing to realize is that they are referring to the same island and events and this should not be confused with any other event or location like it.

So, what is Krakatau? Well, as we have just mentioned, this is an island. It could be found in the Sunda Strait of Indonesia. Back in 1883, this was the Dutch East Indie. The events that took place on the morning of the 26th of August were like nothing that had happened before. So, while islanders went about their day like normal, something extraordinary was going to happen. In particular, there was smoke seen on the volcanoes. This island had three active volcanoes that most people were used to and this meant that smoke was not a total cause for concern.

However, by the next day, things were getting worse. In particular, there was going to be an eruption. Therefore, when someone is talking about Krakatau, this is the event they are referring to. The eruption was very serious and it would destroy around 70 per cent of the island. This included killing a lot of the people that lived there. It is estimated that this was around 36,000. In addition to the eruptions, there were tsunamis triggered. There is no doubt that this was one of the worst natural disasters to happen in the world.

Without hearing the eruption yourself, it is hard to imagine just how loud it was. Well, to give you an idea, the eruption could be felt all the way to New York City. The events that happened did not just start overnight. They had been building up for a while and this meant that the sound was exceptionally loud. Even if you are into SFX, there are going to be sounds that mimic the eruptions but are not going to be as loud as the real thing.

For example, there was smoke and steam reported back in May 1883. In addition, there were a few small eruptions and tidal waves. But, this still did not cause too much alarm for the people that lived there. After all, there were three active volcanoes and there was always going to be some activity. But, there was a more serious eruption and smoke in June.

Therefore, the loudest sound in the world happened at 10:02 am on the 27th of August 1883. This was believed to be around 310 decibels. If you are not familiar with decibels, this is the way of measuring sound. In particular, if you compare this eruption to the atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the volcanoes were more. The atomic bombs were around 248 decibels while the explosion was 310 decibels.

The Reasons Why Krakatau Happened

A lot of people want to know why Krakatau happened in the first place. Well, often volcanoes are active and it is movement of the world’s tectonic plates that cause trouble. In particular, they move against each other. So, this is what happened to set off Krakatau.

The eruptions and tsunamis lasted for about two days afterward. But, the destruction was incredible and was still felt years later. For example, a lot of skeletons were found in the sea by ships, as well as pumice stones. For example, skeletons from Krakatau actually ended up in the South around one year later.

Forecast For The Future of Krakatau

Another popular question from people is will Krakatau erupt again? Well, we have to remember that it is still an active volcano. Therefore, this means that it can erupt again in the future. But, there is no telling when exactly this is going to be. Those that live in coastal villages will be aware of the danger that they face when this does happen.

How Is It Related To Global Warming And Changes to the Climate?

There were a lot of weather changes as a result of Krakatau. For example, the West Coast of the United States experienced more rainfall than usual. Despite this, there was no El Nino. In addition, the Eastern Seaboard experienced blazing red skies. There were even some people that said they saw the moon change color to greens and blues. Reports also show that there continued to be eruptions on the Krakatau island. In general, it was said that the eruption of Krakatau cooled many places on earth. This was by about 3 to 5 degrees.



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