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KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler Duets: Thanks for the Memory

KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler Duets: Thanks for the Memory

There are some performers who, though possessing completely different styles and personalities, blend in a wholly enjoyable way. The duo of KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler is a prime example of this phenomenon, most recently in their show “Thanks for The Memory, 25 Years of Duets” at The Green Room 42.

Though they are reunited after almost a decade in “Thanks for the Memory,” which celebrates their newly released recording of the same name, you would think that they’d never been apart. In a seamless collaboration born of many years of sharing the stage and bringing their unique gifts to the table, Sullivan and Nadler have hit this one out of the park.

The opening number, “One More Walk Around the Garden” gives the audience a glimpse of the fullness of the relationship between these two performers, as well as the richness of their voices. Nobody does wistful and lyrical like KT Sullivan, and equally unique is Nadler’s direct and honest approach to every word he sings. They take their broad range of talents for a full spin, through a curious tempo choice in “Don’t Fence Me In,” to a climactic, powerful “If Love Were All,” and a toe tapping, raucous Catch Our Act at the Met. The variety of songs they choose is terrific, but it’s their specific treatment of blend and build that makes this sixty minute program so impressive.

There’s quite a bit of chat between the two during the show, and some of it is absolutely hilarious. Though they were clearly going for the “finish one another’s sentences” pacing, and achieved that occasionally, there were times when I wished that Nadler would allow Sullivan to finish her story, or even her thought. Further, Green Room 42 is still struggling with its sounds system, from frequent feedback to microphones cutting out mid-show.

To provide you with a laundry list of songs from this show would be to do you a great disservice. Go and see this dynamic twosome for yourselves, and let go on the journey that has been so brilliantly prepared for you. When you take the CD home with you, you’ll be in luck, because it encapsulates the spirit of the live show perfectly- a keepsake to treasure!

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