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Labor Day Toasts and Treats for a Perfect Holiday

Labor Day Toasts and Treats for a Perfect Holiday

Labor Day weekend is in full swing and we are getting ready for some fabulous parties today. From backyard barbecues to beach picnics it is time to toast a glass in the air. Here are some of our favorite selections.

For a perfect way to start the party in style for tequila lovers-

Maestro Dobel has created something magical that will impress your party guests.

The debut release of Maestro Dobel 50 1967 is something that should be grandly saluted. Commemorate this beautiful weekend with the superbly beautiful extra añejo tequila aged in American and French oak barrels with a sherry cask finish. Handcrafted in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico, using 100% Blue Weber Agaves expertly grown and sourced from a single family-owned estate, Maestro Dobel 50 1967 is twice distilled in copper pot stills — achieving the smoothness for which Dobel tequilas are known. This is not just another drink – this is a holiday haven for tequila lovers! 


For vodka lovers –

From renowned producer, songwriter and radio station owner, Polow Da Don, YoCo Vodka is all natural, gluten free, made from corn and uses activated carbon to create the best tasting, ultra-smooth vodka.


We love everything about this refreshing spirit that is smooth and full of dynamic marks. It’s purely creative in presentation and not surprising it comes from such a genius mind like Polow who has worked with Fergie, Nicki Minaj, Usher and more to created numerous No. 1 hits. This new drink certainly tops the charts!

Peak 7 Vodka is another fun way to celebrate the holiday. Born from the idea that a small group of friends wanted to make Vodka that symbolizes America and Colorado the brand come about.


Whether it’s spending time with friends on a sunny patio or enjoying a drink after a day in the mountains, they want to make the perfect spirit to celebrate a perfect day. They start with the best ingredients, including pure Rocky Mountain Spring water and 100% high quality American corn mash. Using a hand crafted process they then distill their Vodka seven times producing a spirit that has a pleasantly sweet aroma and an amazingly smooth, and crisp taste.

Another great vodka choice is Mulholland Vodka.

Their Silver Medal gluten-free Vodka is distilled from 100% non-GMO corn in Missouri and finished at a bottling facility in Ukiah, CA. An entrepreneurial partnership between Matthew Alper and Walton Goggins, inspired by their friendship and born in California. This is simply divine on the rocks or to mix in with your holiday, festive drink to toast the American spirit. It is silky smooth and has lovely notes of vanilla and pepper to add to the sip.


For wine lovers –

Fresh Vine Wine now has a premier Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine that is truly special.

Everything about these beautiful bubbles in a bottle will make you smile this holiday weekend! Produced in Napa, California, all across America your party guests will enjoy all the flavor with less calories. We are in love with this brand that showcases wild strawberry and peach notes that have a luscious finish. Best of all this Brut Rosé has just 94 calories, 1.0 grams of sugar, 3.8 carbs, and an ABV of 11.5%. Talk about an amazing way to celebrate with friends!

For those looking to tap into the red of red, white and blue try the heavenly Kenwood Discoveries Cabernet Sauvignon with flavors of black cherry, savory notes and white pepper on the finish. The entire portfolio of the brand in fat has several amazing components that bring life to the party atmosphere and is memorable long after the holiday weekend.


Campo Viejo Red Blend has a bright overall spectrum with hints of blackberry, cherry, plum, and fresh spice. This fantastic line is always a crowd-pleasing selection. From intimate poolside events with a few close friends to hundreds of people around the holiday beach bonfire, this bottle will bring joy to all.


We love the way this brand produces a fruity taste without being overwhelmingly sweet.


To add to the party –

Of course no Labor Day Party can be perfect without an amazing way to cook up the best in meats and veggies. Your hamburgers and corn on the cob will never taste the same after one try of The Good Charcoal Company.

This charcoal is superior and makes the cooking process a smooth and delightful. And to add, since The Good Charcoal Company’s inception, giving back to those facing food insecurity across the United States was a top priority. The company began hosting free BBQs via local food trucks across the country, in partnership with local food banks/community centers, in February 2021 and this month they’re commemorating 20,000 meals sponsored.  Next up they are doing a free give-back BBQ event on September 7th at St. Jerome HANDS Community Center located in the Bronx. 

 During all these amazing Labor Day parties full of drinks and food also try Confetti Snacks.

These crunchy chips are just incredible. What an amazing treat that helms from Betty Lu, an entrepreneur and frequent traveler who saw a necessity for a healthy snack while on the road. Minimally processed and never deep-fried, like other veggie chips and extruded “puff” style snacks, these truly wonderful bites include creative and inspirational flavors like Green Curry, Tandoori Curry, Teriyaki BBQ and Summer Truffle. Mushroom chip flavors include Green Curry, Tandoori Curry and Black Truffle.

We love the taste and because they are baked using a low heat method, the nutrients are not lost. Enjoy a colorful bag today full of such vibrant veggies as carrots, radishes, purple sweet potatoes and mushrooms in the mix.


For the day after the party,

Yes, we do have to add this! Labor Day is that day when many of us have our last big summer big bang bash of 2022. So, the next day when you actually have to be at work on Tuesday you may want to try something that will perk you up without the sugar.

Our new favorite cold brew coffee for that day after the weekend and beyond is STōK ColdBrew Coffee.

There are a variety of amazing flavors in the portfolio – including the fall sensation return of STōK Pumpkin Cold Brew. Of course, the day after Labor Day you may just need some sugar free caffeine love. The bold and fantastic Un-Sweet Black will wake up your senses and start your week off was a bang like the fireworks you saw over the holiday weekend.It’s a perfect choice to get the concentration rolling as you slowly get out of you summer slumber and into an autumn full of activity.

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Cover art by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash

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