Learn Some Healthy Habits with High Protein Snacks

Learn Some Healthy Habits with High Protein Snacks

If you are fighting with your mid-day hunger around 3 pm, the high-protein snacks can be the best way to keep you energetic. Along with other nutrients, you can consume the protein snacks for long lasting energy. Here are some easy and delicious methods to stay fit and healthy with protein:

Assorted Nuts: A mix of various types of nuts can be an excellent way of consuming protein. With a combination of nuts, you can add various dry fruits for some sweetness. Almonds and pistachios can be added with raisins, chocolate chips, sunflower seeds and walnuts to get a delicious mid day snack.

Edamame Poppers: You can enjoy having the little beans from the green pods during your snack craving time. After buying them fresh from the market you can just steam and have them. You can also use the frozen variety before cooking or can microwave or defrost. 1 cup of edamame pods can be enjoyed with sea salt sprinkled over it and contains almost 15 grams of protein.

Pumpkin Seeds: The orange colored gourds are not only used in your dishes. The seeds can be a high source of protein and can be consumed as snacks. The pumpkin seeds are full of fiber and zinc which provides immunity after they are washed, dried and finally roasted.

Deli Rollups: The rollup can be created without bread and can be considered as a sandwich. This ready-to-eat snack pack contains more protein than a hardboiled egg. If you want to maintain the level of blood pressure and sodium, you can use a low-salt variety of meat.

Natural Protein Powder: Natural whey powder can be considered as lightly flavored option for your protein intake. The supplements can come in liquid or in powder form and can meet your snack cravings for a long time.

Hummus Dippers: Use a coffee mug for preparing this delicious dish. Insert hummus in the bottom of the mug and add some handful of vegetable sticks. The vegetable sticks can include snow peas, carrots and celery. You can carry this snack in your purse or gym bag for enjoying a quick snack.

Greek Yoghurt: With the regular yoghurt, you can add the Greek flavor for gaining a large amount of calcium. The pro-biotic present in the yoghurt can help in fighting with inflammation.

Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk can be a delicious snack rich with protein. It can be consumed especially after the workout and can be easily carried in bottles within your gym bag. You must try to find out the low-sugar content chocolate milk from the market.

Toasted Quinoa: You can add Quinoa on top of yoghurt to obtain a lightly sweetened crunchy snack. You can also combine quinoa with granola and enjoy a handful of them.

Grape And Cheese Sticks: You can slice the cheddar cheese into small squares. Use a tooth pick and insert the cubes alternatively with a grape in the middle of two square slices. The fruit and the cheese both can provide a delicious as well as sophisticated method of consuming protein.

Cheesy Popcorn:   Popcorn is a very healthy protein snack if not flavored with artificial flavors and butter. It is a whole grain snack filled with rich fiber.

You can also try some shakes with banana, peanut butter and chocolate. All of them are very rich in protein and can provide benefits for your cardiovascular health. Mini beans and cheese quesadilla can also serve high protein content and can be consumed as mid day snack. So if you are already bored with hard boiled eggs, you can try all these tasty options to change your taste a bit.

Author Bio: Sam Peterson is a well known nutrition expert. In this article, he talks about protein snacks and some healthy recipes with natural whey powder and chocolate milk.

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