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Learn The Effects of Water Damage in Your House and the Remedies For It!

Learn The Effects of Water Damage in Your House and the Remedies For It!

Nobody can dispute the importance of water in our lives. We use this precious commodity for cooking, cleaning and general hygiene. When available in the required amounts, water is a useful and effective commodity. However, it can be dangerous and even life-threatening if it is allowed to stagnate or seep through the walls. If water does this, the result is weak walls and the growth of mold. This is known as water damage.

Have you noticed some cracks in the walls of your basement? Do you notice a musty smell all around your home? Have you observed some black mold in your house? If you have observed all three signs, then you have a case of water damage in your premises.

What is water damage?

 Water damage can be lethal. When it affects your basement walls and your floors, it can cause your home to become structurally weak. Another major negative effect of water damage is the growth of mold all over your house. Black mold grows on the walls and ceilings of houses that have too much humidity.

This type of mold causes various health problems for the people living in the house. Examples of these problems include infections of the sinuses, irritation to the eyes, constant flus, headaches, perpetual colds as well as rashes. These symptoms can be observed in humans as well as pets living in the house. Once you observe these symptoms in your home, call an Orlando mold eradication company as soon as possible.

Also known as a water restoration company, this is an organization that is capable of resolving water damage in residential and commercial establishments. The company has a number of technicians who perform these jobs. The technicians have the skills and resources required to perform this job. They generally provide the following services:

  1. Resolving any and all damage that is caused by water
  2. Eradicating mold from the building

What do the technicians do during water damage repairs?

 The first step in water restoration is identifying the source of the unwanted water. Examples of sources of this water include leaking pipes, washing machines that have malfunctioned as well as damp soil around the walls of the basement. These can be sources of the water that is seeping or stagnating in the house. Once they identify the source of the water, they fix it and prevent further water damage. After that, they employ their equipment to dry out or drain the water in the house. Examples of these tools are high powered fans and dehumidifiers.

How the mold is eradicated

In cases of water damage, the house often exhibits a mold infestation. This is caused by too much moisture in the house. This mold causes the home to have a smell. Moreover, the occupants complain of diseases that are collectively known as the Sick House Syndrome. With effective scrubbing and dehumidification, the technicians are able to eradicate the mold from the house.


Water damage is a serious problem. As soon as you identify symptoms of this form of damage, it is best to consult professionals. Do not let the situation get out of hand.


Ken McClusky is a water restoration technician. He has skills in eradicating Orlando mold among other activities involved in his job. He spends his free time watching motivational videos or reading home remodeling magazines. Visit this website for more details about ken.

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