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Learn to Leverage Instagram for New Soap Business

Learn to Leverage Instagram for New Soap Business

Social media platforms like Instagram are not just about casual networking. Many people eye monetization and business opportunities through them. For example, you must be aware of the buzzwords like social media influencers or Instagram celebs. Can you also tap into this wave? You may doubt it mainly if you run a soap-making business. You can think of it in terms of glamour quotient and sideline the idea. But Instagram rewards creative ways of showcasing a business. You can post about DIY soap kits, one of the customer’s favorite soap recipes, etc. To be precise, anything that highlights your venture can be great.

Assuming you may not have many followers on your business page on Instagram, you would want to fix it a bit. For starters, it would be best if you buy 50 real Instagram followers. Such a strategy works like a magnet when it comes to organic growth. Besides, here is a sneak peek into a few more suggestions to work on your presence on Instagram.

Photo editors

Who doesn’t know the power of beautiful images? But picking up a camera and clicking random photos may not help. Edit them for a polished look without eliminating their rawness. You can use tools like Photoshop or other image editing platforms to enhance the aesthetics. Many of them are available for free use. Or, if this sounds too much, get hands-on with built-in Instagram filters.


Just because you mean business and product sales, it doesn’t mean the Instagram page has to be dull. You can use fun elements to make your account more engaging. Use quotes, memes, and such features relevant to your handmade soap business and see what works for you more. You can incorporate them with that flair to keep your audience hooked and grow the base.


Live streaming or sharing a video shot through Instagram focusing on how-to tutorials can also generate lots of interest among watchers. Even behind-the-scene material can also be a good theme. So, look for such gems in your content coffin and shoot a video. It will have an additional impact.

Free advertising

When you are on social media, you cannot expect to operate in isolation and get all the benefits. Look for partnerships with other businesses that have a link with your product. For example, someone dealing in bath towels can be your partner. Give them a shout out and they will, too, in return. Such holla backs tend to be quite effective on Instagram and other networking channels. So, you can count this as another opportunity.


A multi-channel approach can be pretty productive. When you post anything on Instagram, hit the share button to share it on Facebook too. There is nothing wrong with creating noise. The Facebook audience may not know your product, but they can join you on Instagram for the latest updates when they come across your shared content.

The best method to push your products and services on Instagram is to combine business with creativity. If you master this skill, your soap business would quickly gain some steam.

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