Learn to Play The Piano With a Piano Lesson Tool

Learn to Play The Piano With a Piano Lesson Tool

These days there is nothing that can’t be learned online, though the time and dedication it takes might be more than for physical lessons. This is true for playing the piano as well. One of the more popular online resources for learning how to play the piano is Piano Marvel. We have outlined its origin, features, pros, cons, and our recommendation down below.


Piano Marvel was founded in 2008 by Aaron Garner, a Piano Performance graduate from the University of Southern Colorado. Garner sought to simplify the process of learning how to play the piano by integrating video game mechanics and the conveniences of modern technology into the process. 

The effect of this vision is visible throughout the site as it offers lessons on practical skills, music theory, opportunities to interact with other learners, lessons on for piano teachers, etc.


1) Lesson Structure: Piano Marvel’s lessons are divided into two sections -methods and techniques- which span six levels and 180 sections. The methods section outlines the key concepts in an easily digestible video format while the techniques section offers exercises that help the learner master the lesson. Naturally, you can view your progress under the methods section, just like in a video game

2) Online Challenges: Learning how to play the piano all on your own can get demoralizing fast, and that is why Piano Marvel offers the opportunity to connect with other learners through its online challenges. All you have to do is record yourself playing something and upload it. Of course, the best performances receive prizes.

3) Practice Modes: The site offers three practice modes that you can choose from depending on your current skill level with a piece, and easier modes flash green or red to tell you whether you hit the right key. Within each mode, you can also specify whether you would like to use two hands for a piece, one hand, or a mix of both.

4) Sight Reading: Piano Marvel has the most advanced setup for learning sight reading we have ever seen. It offers exercises to practice sight-reading and assesses your progress (which it lets you see) using the famous Standard Assessment of Sight Reading protocol. With this wide array of features, it’s only natural that there be many pros to using Piano Marvel. Here’s a few of them.


1) Feedback: It’s easy to get discouraged while learning to play the piano if you have nothing to motivate you. That is why piano marvel review offers instant feedback on your performance when you play.

2) Fun Personal Assessments: Piano Marvel offers tests at intervals to assess what you’ve been learning, and you get a certificate of achievement when you pass a test.

3) Large Song Library: The site has songs in every genre ranked by difficulty. As such, you’re sure to find something that’s right for you. Now, here are the cons.


1) Classical Music Focus: Though the site does have a large song library spanning several genres, a good portion of its music is classical music. However, if that’s what you like, it’s a huge plus.

2) Access To Features: You can’t access all its features without an electric keyboard

In conclusion, Piano Marvel is an excellent choice for learning to play the keyboard as it boasts a wide array of features and uses a simple and fun learning method.

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