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Let us take a look at the 2021 Biden Federal Tax Proposal and Tax Plan: Report By William D. King

Let us take a look at the 2021 Biden Federal Tax Proposal and Tax Plan: Report By William D. King

Once again the policies regarding taxes are the talk of the town, with the legislators grappling with issues of how to fund new infrastructures and policies. The administration led by Biden has proposed new federal spending of $4 trillion covering 10 years. These policies will be partially funded with individuals and businesses paying higher taxes and members of parliament putting forth the bills with an increase in capital gains and tax credits from various businesses. The proposed changes in income tax policies include various aspects of direct and indirect taxes; the summary of them is as under.

Summary of Biden Tax plan: William D King

When it comes to direct taxes individual income tax is the priority. The American Families plan will raise the marginal income rate of tax by 2% i.e., from 37% it will become 39.6%. It will also increase the Internal Revenue Service funding and also enforce and enact the new reporting requirements that are necessary for certain financial institutions. 

Income Taxes on Corporate Sector

Under this category, the administration has planned a policy named ‘American Jobs Plan’. Under this policy, they are planning to increase the corporate income tax rate from 21% to 28%. This policy would also impose a minimum tax slab on corporate book income. They will charge it on a corporation or business financial profits. They will not charge it on taxable income for firms that have revenue over $100 million. Hence, they will increase tax enforcement.

Gains on Capital and dividends Taxes

The AFP will carry tax interest as ordinary income and would limit 1031 the kind exchange by eliminating the gains above $500000. They would tax long-term gains and dividends that are qualified under ordinary income. This will result in a 43.4% of top marginal rate which will be inclusive of a new marginal rate of 39.6% and the percent of Net Investment income tax will be 3.8%. This 3.8% will apply to active pass-through business income that comes above the category of $400000.

Taxes on International Affairs

As analyzed by William D King the policy of the American Job plan would repeal the deduction which is for foreign-derived intangible income. They would raise the tax rate on global intangible low taxed income to several 21%. They are going to calculate it for the country to country and will eliminate the exemption of 10% return on all the tangible investments that are going to come from abroad.

Mostly the tax change in various states happen at the beginning of the calendar year but some changes are done at the beginning of the fiscal year. Regularly, corporate and individual tax changes take place at the beginning but in some cases as in the present, they change at the beginning of the fiscal year. This fiscal year with the pandemic and other things there were lots of changes that happen in the tax policies of the United States of America.

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