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Life Hacks For Girls: How To Be More Fashionable In Everyday Life

Life Hacks For Girls: How To Be More Fashionable In Everyday Life

Every girl is beautiful. No matter what we wear and how we look, we are unique and fascinating from the inside. It’s the inner world that matters the most, isn’t it?

While we certainly respect people who are interesting and intelligent on the inside, our clothes speak a lot in the modern world. Yes, the beauty comes from within, but the importance of appearance and style matters more and more with each passing day. Fashion has already conquered big cities all over the world. America and Europe seem to be affected the most.

This is the time when your wear can affect most spheres of your life. Making a good first impression both on job interviews and dates is the task we entrust to our style. Being fashionable is no longer a perk and task of celebrities and runway models. Today, women of all statuses strive for this allusive personal style.

This is a hectic world we live in; constantly running somewhere with busy working hours and so little time for rest is not the best medium for nurturing our fashion sense. Most women hardly have time to take care of all that beauty routine that makes us queens. Besides, trying to develop both of your “beauties,” the inner and outer ones, can be challenging most of the time.

Next comes the question of how to wear something extravagant form the latest runways in our daily life. Can we adopt one of those cosmic-plates-in-the-hair and torturous-looking-shoes outfits for our office look? At first, it may seem impossible. However, with some friendly female fashion advice, every woman can become a street style icon without much effort.

These fashion style tips can be actually found on the website We’ve found many great life hacks for girls there and chosen only the most effective ones to tell you.

Stylish Life Hacks

Start with a basic/capsule wardrobe

If you are not a prof in fashion, it’s better to start with a capsule wardrobe. Choose a few basic things that complement each other and are easy to interchange. This is the base that will always be with you. Later, you can mix it up with new stylish things as it is mostly neutral and always in style.

Discover new brands

You may feel safer sticking to your favorite brands, but there is always a place for changes. Isn’t it boring to wear only your usual brands? There’sa plethora of fresh brands that can show you new things, new types of fashion styles. Don’t be afraid to risk and change the way you think and dress. Keep exploring and you will find those mid-range brands that are just as good as the luxury ones. Besides, this is a good way to save your budget and not to spend it all on clothes.

Re-buying is okay

Yes, it is good to keep looking for something new but why can’t you buy the same jacket you’ve been wearing before? Unfortunately, our clothes aren’t eternal and we have to say goodbye to our favorite things sooner or later.

This is a common misconception that you cannot buy one thing twice. When you find a piece that is both comfortable and stylish—stick to it. Choose new items when you have the right set of mind to experiment. Anyway, don’t restrict yourself and buy what you want.

Know your body shape

All of us are different and have unique body shapes. Not all fashionable outfits will suit everyone. Even the most trending outfit can look awful on a wrong body shape. There are many various fashion styles, you just have to choose the one that speaks to you the most and looks great on you. Flatter your curves, make yourself taller or thinner—all this can be achieved with the help of the right outfit.

We all have those shopping sprees when we buy something trendy on a whim, even if it doesn’t suit us. Don’t rush into things, give yourself a few moments to think whether it is really made for you.

Muted neutral colors

Have you seen those amazing stylish European women who look like they have been born as fashion gurus? Very often, their secret is simple—keep it neutral. Muted colors can also be very colorful. They are often trendy. A great example is a Frenchfashion that is all about muted pastel colors that make you look expensive and elegant.

If you want something bold and colorful, achieve it with the help of accessories. Here, you can experiment as much as you want.

Tailored items

What can be better than an outfit tailored specifically for you? Besides, this is not as expensive as you may think. The only catch is to find a professional tailor who you can trust. If you are a creative person, you can make up your own outfits. And if you can tailor, there should be no stopping on your way towards becoming a designer who works with celebrities.

This tip is also connected to the one of knowing your body shape. Mass-market outfits are made with a specific standard in mind. But we are real people, not some set of measurements.

Wear wrong shoes

Yes, it may sound a bit odd, but this is the trend of the latest years. Have you noticed all that fusion of styles when street models wear dresses with comfy sneakers or some booties? It’s time to experiment.

Get all the styles wrong and you’ll create your own style which is greatly appreciated nowadays. You can still dress like a woman but feel comfortable in it. You don’tlike high heels? Throw them away!

Half-tuck it

Just a minor detail in your look may completely change the whole image. A small accessory, for example, can make your office outfit fashionable. Half-tucked in items work the same way. No matter whether it’s a shirt or a sweater, it’ll also look better this way. This is something that feels carefree but requires a lot of thought. At first, you better try doing it in front of a mirror to find the best way to tuck it in.

This is one of those fashion tips that is the easiest to follow. You don’t even need to buy new things; you can do it with your regular wear.

Appreciate a hat

What is a single piece that unites all fashion icons and is rarely adopted by people far from the sphere? A hat. We are not talking about those extra-warm hats that you wear only in winter. A beautiful hat is always welcomed. An elegant or a casual hat can complete your look. Be just like a royal family. Those queens and princesses know the value of this accessory and can choose it masterfully.

Experiment with shapes

Our fashion gurus simply love experimenting with shapes. One day, women leave their husbands without shirts and jackets because of the “oversized” boom, the next day they are all about showing their curves in tight pants and dresses. You can easily experiment with those shapes. A trendy tip is to wear something really oversized and huge with something tiny. For the first part, you can always choose a coat. For the small part, choose a purse or some tight top. Voila! You are stylish now.

Remain a woman

A relatively new-found love is women and trousers. God bless changes that introduced these two to each other. However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely neglect dresses and skirts. After all, these are the most elegant pieces of any wardrobe.

In addition to a classic black dress, get yourself something comfy and more casual. There are many dress styles to choose from. And remember, high heels aren’ta must anymore. Yet again, oversized dresses also look stunning if chosen in accordance with your build.

Is It Easy?

All in all, constantly being fashionable isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, it’s far more simple than many of us think. Just by following these tips, you can develop your sense of style and become a fashion expert among your friends. After all, it all comes in time. Today, you are using the tips we’ve borrowed from Nexter; tomorrow, you share your own advice with others.

Great style is not a talent that is given to one person in a million and cannot be nurtured. Just as anything else, we have to train it. Even if you feel like a person who is far away from style and fashion, that doesn’t mean that you cannot become more familiar with it. Every woman has an inner sense of beauty and knows when she sees something that resonates with her personality.

I believe that we all can bring bits of fashion to our everyday life if we look at it from the right angle and experiment with something new. If we are not afraid to express ourselves through clothes, it’s so much easier to feel confident and not hide who we really are.


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