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LiteFinTech Offers Investment Innovations for Scandinavian Customers

LiteFinTech Offers Investment Innovations for Scandinavian Customers

There can be no doubt about the growth in financial services over the web in recent years. Among the web services firms offering individuals as well as businesses with the opportunity to utilize cryptocurrencies is LiteFinTech. This enterprise was engineered to allow for quick trading combined with state-of-the-art industry security safeguards. LiteFinTech combines the best in rapid execution of trades even for those who are relatively new to the trading environment.

The need for a straightforward, transparent and trustworthy market drove the creation of LiteFinTech. The overall goal is to offer Scandinavians trading tools and education that is a cut above the rest. Newly-registered customers are afforded the chance to enter global markets via cryptocurrency investment. It is possible to open a no-cost account, establish a wallet for free and deposit or purchase cryptocurrencies.

Expedited services offered by LiteFinTech include receiving and sending cryptocurrency, exchanging these currencies and accessibility of lower exchange rates as compared to other players. The platform includes support in a number of different languages as well as website text that is also rendered in a variety of dialects. This all blends together to give traders everything necessary to make well-informed decisions. It is easy for traders to review market conditions and assess opportunities in a seamless manner that is extremely advantageous.

In terms of fund security, it is important to note that customers enjoy accounts that are held fully separately from those belonging to the company. This is done for a number of reasons. First, it is necessary to keep pools of money distinguishable from one another so that no misuse occurs. Also, this policy helps delineate which funds rightly belong to clients so that proper disbursement can occur if the company were to falter. The fact that client funds are kept apart from those belonging to LiteFinTech is a clear advantage. LiteFinTech works in conjunction with Barclays Bank to ensure that clients are protected at all times. Client funds are not intermingled with company funds and will not be used by LiteFinTech for its own purposes.

Another key feature of LiteFinTech is its Investor Compensation Fund that is designed to cover claims lodged by clients if the company itself cannot do so. This was established in the aftermath of the 2002 investment firm regulation amendments and also as a result of the 2004 ICF regulations. As such, clients have the ability to receive compensations regardless of how many accounts are held, which currency is involved or the place in which the investment vehicle was offered. This all helps guarantee that LiteFinTech clients feel confident in the safety and integrity of their trading activities.

Prospective traders can also take advantage of LiteFinTech’s highly-regarded MT5 platform. This is easy to download and can be utilized by those interested in boosting their presence in the market for cryptocurrencies. The MetaTrader5 platform facilitates trades that are manual or automatic in nature. Scandinavian users may avail themselves of an investment option that brings tremendous services without the burden of commissions, not to mention no-cost trader education opportunities. The service strives reflect current conditions in the Scandinavian market, with consideration of taxes and interest rates always at the forefront.



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