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Local Moving Servicing – Mission Possible

Local Moving Servicing – Mission Possible

When you think of all the heavy and fragile items that you have to move, hiring a professional service can take an enormous amount of worries from your back. However, it won’t be reasonable if you don’t ensure you get the best value for your money, so it’ll definitely be a good idea to get a grip on a few tips first. 

What’s more, you surely don’t want to end up with scratches or dents on your furniture and home appliances so hiring local movers will in the least protect your belongings and will save you a huge amount of effort. 


To begin with, you’ll be surprised how many things we all manage to accumulate over the years, especially when you include all the personal belongings and items that need to be packed and moved. Of course, this is the perfect time for trimming down your possessions and throw away the ones that you don’t need anymore. To most, selling the items you don’t need or donating them can do wonders. “One man’s trash is another man’s come up”, as said in a famous song from the recent years.

Packing and unpacking

This part of the moving takes up a lot of time and energy. First of all, you’ll need as many cartons and boxes as you can find. You can sell them too after you’ve used them. Obviously, they have to be in good condition.


Usually, moving companies tend to charge extra if you ask for help with the packing. However, there are some movers that include the service withing the job, so if you have movers do the packing for you, expect a 25% to 30% addition to the cost of the move. Basically, you should be aware of the fact that prices vary according to the size of the project. In addition, it’s best advised that you label the boxes and indicate where each box is supposed to go in order to avoid the trouble of doing repeated work.


In the end, you’ll have to unpack everything. If you have labeled each box, you’ll save yourself a significant amount of time. However, you can also consider paying extra for the unpacking since it will still be a tedious and stressful task.

Useful Tips and Bits of Advice

Check the company’s experience in the field

First off, it’ll be hard to believe in the skills of a newborn moving company. Generally, if you want to hire professionals, then you should bet on a company with at least ten years of experience in the field. However, if you’re looking for a simple local move, then you should probably not pay too much attention to that. 

Look only for licensed and insured movers

Furthermore, an unlicensed company is a risky investment, especially when they aren’t insured. Most of the time, companies have websites where you can check whether they are licensed and insured. There, companies normally list their Department of Transportation licensing and insurance information.

Moving services offered

Basically, when paying someone you should know what you’re paying for. So if you have some special items that you need to be moved, maybe you should find local movers that have the required manpower or equipment. Of course, if anything, you should notify the specialist during the quotation for any special items, storage services, decluttering, cleanouts and etc. 

Go online

As expected, nowadays every service goes online and so do local moving services. You can now easily go online and read reviews from former customers. Usually, companies that have 4 stars and above are considered ideal to work with. What’s more, you can also check additional information about them, including their certification. A general rule of thumb is to look for the 3-star and 4-star reviews which can actually provide a more insightful review rather than the 5-star and 1-star reviews.

Check the company’s service area

Another important tip is to check whether the moving company actually works in your area. Most professionals have a map of areas that they service. After all, it won’t matter if a moving company has positive reviews if they don’t service your area.

Moving equipment

When talking about equipment, it’s highly advisable that you ensure working with real professionals. They are properly prepared at all times and even if they don’t have the proper equipment, they can rent it out for a single job. There are lots of national franchises that are heavily-equipped and they will effortlessly move your specialty items. However, you should always inquire about the equipment the company uses before hiring them to move your possessions.

National Moving Network

As mentioned above, national franchises have better resources at hand. Therefore, they have a higher chance of doing a good job. Of course, it’s always better to hire a local mover and spend less and it will actually make little to no difference if you don’t have anything extraordinary to move. On the other hand, if you need a long-distance or specialty move, then you would definitely have to hire a moving agent with better equipment.

Look for what best suits your needs

Last but not least, always look for what best suits your needs. Obviously, you are the one that has to choose how to do the moving so make sure you feel comfortable with your choice. For this reason, you should listen carefully to what the moving company can offer is vital. However, the goal is to move your belongings from point A to point B and pay a reasonable price. Always make your choice based on the factors that are the most important for you – price, area of servicing, equipment, time schedule, storage and etc. It may be a little tedious and stressful to choose the best company but it will certainly save you time, money as well as your items.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the mission of moving your belongings from point A to point B has always been a challenge. However, when you take the proper amount of time to pick the right local movers to do the job for you, you have great results. If you happen to be in Singapore and looking for a high-quality online platform for local moving services, SGHomeNeeds provides the best-reviewed movers in the region as well as actual galleries of work and feedback. 


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