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Look out for the Women’s fashion trend for 2021

Look out for the Women’s fashion trend for 2021

The year is 2021, and the fashion world is taking a step back this year to focus on women. As of 2018, there are more women entrepreneurs running billion dollar companies than ever before in history. And not surprisingly, the latest fashion trend focuses on these billion dollar women leaders.

Let’s take a look at some of the new clothing that will be all the rage this fall!

First up is Ivanka Trump, who recently shut down her fashion line due to “lagging sales” after boycotts of her products over claims she was profiting off her father’s presidency. Thankfully for Ivanka though, she had already prepared for this move by buying every single one of Christian Dior’s factories months earlier. Dior was planning on shutting down their fashion division until Ivanka assured them they would be able to produce all of their clothes faster than ever due to her “super intrigued by factory workers” expertise.


You may remember Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma line, which is credited with saving Puma from bankruptcy after sales skyrocketed over the past 2 years. Rihanna has now expanded into menswear and will be debuting it at Paris Fashion Week this year with a collection called “We Who Enter Here”. The clothing will feature suits that look like flame-engulfed cotton candy unicorns mating; you can’t miss it!

On the more conservative side of the spectrum, Hillary is set to release an entire line of yoga clothes she developed while vacationing in India. She claims to have the ideal “yoga body” and wants women everywhere to feel just as comfortable exercising their baby-making muscles as they do sweating it out at Soul Cycle.

Serena Williams 

We’re also excited for Serena Williams’ line, which will be debuting with a new lingerie series called Unprotected Sex. The collection is inspired by the scientific fact that if you go without having for too long, your vagina becomes porous and lets viruses like Zika enter your bloodstream easily through intercourse. Luckily for Serena, she’s had multiple partners recently so her “spider veins” got an exotic workout! And finally there’s Gwyneth Paltrow sex for too long, you will eventually turn into a lobster!

And last but not least is our favorite billionaire herself, Oprah. The media mogul is releasing her own line of workout clothing called “Don’t Believe the Hype” which features a rose gold cross-fit tank top and a pair of black yoga pants with her face embroidered on them.

This year’s fashion shows are going to be incredible! What do you think about these latest trends for womens fashion fall 2021? With women’s bank accounts increasing at a rate of nearly 1 million dollars per second, it looks like fashion is finally catching up.

On another note, the hottest new item this fall is going to be condoms made with 100% recycled cashmere yarn! Not only are they good for your sex life, but these eco-friendly condoms are great for Mother Earth as well. Plus, you can throw them right into your composting bin when you’re done without worrying about any toxins leaching into the soil.

Fashion and High Society

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