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Looking At the Stage When Babies Start to Roll Over

Looking At the Stage When Babies Start to Roll Over

Every sign of growth and development in a kid can be a matter of excitement. However, as they grow, you can become more concerned about their safety. One of those times can be when they try to flip over on their own. It can be amusing to see your baby use the newfound skills. Friends and grandparents can also jump at this moment with joy. While it is indeed a positive sign, you may worry about keeping them safe if they do the same thing in their crib. After all, nobody can stop them. They would roll their bodies in various positions every night, which is fine. You only have to put some precautions in place. 

Many questions can be there on your mind about this stage of your kid. It would help to satisfy those curiosities because you also need to ensure easy navigation for your little one through this. So, here are some insights.

Why do infants roll over while sleeping?

When they grow, they get greater control over their body movements. That’s why they try to do more. Cribs and other such surfaces help them move around, and they also don’t leave any opportunity to indulge in the newly developed skill. As a parent, you may wonder why they do this in their sleep because you want to protect them from unwanted situations. Well, they roll over while napping to change positions, just like the adults. It makes them comfortable. Until they achieve this, they can continue to roll around, wake up, and adjust. So, it is pretty normal. 

When do babies roll over? It can be a critical consideration at this stage to prepare well in advance. As per experts, kids learn to roll over in their crib at the age of four months.  Before this, they can, however, do other movements, such as rocking back and forth. These are only an indication of what they will do next. Knowing about the signs of this new motor skill development from the beginning can help alleviate your anxiety a bit.

What to do to keep them safe at this stage?

You may swaddle them for warmth. But when kids start rolling, swaddling can hinder their easy movement. Since it involves the risk of restricting their arms while they change the position, the kids can end up suffocating themselves and struggle to come out of it. That’s why it can be a better idea to replace swaddling clothes with a sleep sack. It will allow kids to sleep with open arms and roll around quickly. So, not wrapping a kid can be a safer approach. Other things you would also want to remove include pillows, blankets, etc. The kids need free space for their movements. Keeping their bed clear of any such obstacle can be best for them. 

Please make sure the crib sheet is flat and tight while your little one lies on his back in his sleep. He can change his position later, but you don’t need to take any stress about it.

What to do if the little one gets stuck on the stomach?

When they roll and get stuck on their tummy, you can put them on their back again. This problem can persist only for a few weeks until they master the technique of rolling over from all sides. Changing their position is just a temporary solution. According to experts, putting them on their backs at the time of sleeping is the safest thing. It reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, there is no harm in letting them sleep on their side or stomach after they learn to roll over. 

If you find your baby crying, you can put them on their back, give them a pacifier, and comfort them to sleep. Some babies can struggle to sleep on their tummies, and hence, they cry. There are baby products on the market that help prevent such events from happening. You can choose one of them to aid your infant’s sound sleep.

Generally, the overstimulation around the newfound skill, such as rolling over in the bed, can fade quickly. After some time, your kid can stop doing it while sleeping. You can expect their sleep problems at this stage to be short duration. It can improve in a few days or weeks. So it will be better to keep calm and let this phase pass smoothly. Some precautions are mandatory for their health. 

You can read studies and information online to understand the best ways to tackle this. Rolling over in a crib is an excellent sign of their growth. Some kids may skip this stage and start sitting instead. Since every kid has their journey, you need to patiently observe and support them at this time, with safety being the main base of every action.


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