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Looking for a good gift? Choose RAV Vast drum!

Looking for a good gift? Choose RAV Vast drum!

Choosing a present for your beloved ones can be a real headache. Should the present be just nice or really useful? Should it be big or small? Green or red? Chip or expensive? No matter which one you choose, you definitely want the person to like it. If you are searching for an unexpected breathtaking gift, take a closer look at the RAV Vast drum.

What it is the RAV Vast?

Why RAV Vast is so unique? What makes it different from other drums? When choosing from different handpans for sale you will see a totally unique instrument – the RAV Vast. RAV Vast is a steel drum, an instrument that belongs to idiophone class that also includes the instruments like Hang instruments, steel hand drums , handpan drums and tank drums. The sound is produced with the vibrating tongues. You might have heard the handpan music – the mesmerizing smooth sound that has no analogs. It instantly catches your attention and is totally unforgettable.

Thanks to their unique velvety sound, the RAV Vast can be used for music education, brain development, sound healing therapy, meditation and mind healing, or simply to relax after a long hard day.

While this instrument has outstanding technical and music characteristics and is a professional “full-frame” music instrument, it would be a great gift for both children and adults. You don’t even need to be a professional player to start playing the RAV Vast. Just take your seat, relax and let the instrument take you into the melody.

RAV is perfectly tuned and goes in a great bunch of scales. Various models go for different mastery levels so you can choose the one that suits the gift receiver the best.

RAV Vast for a total newbie

If you are looking for an unexpected gift that would surprise? The RAV Vast is a perfect gift even for a person without any musical background as it is a totally appropriate instrument for improvisation. Have you heard about the intuitive playing before? This is the method when you simply rely on your inner feeling of harmony while playing. Compare it with playing the piano when you should definitely know all the rules and note sequences to create a good melody and you will get an idea.

RAV can be a great gift for someone who is seeking the peace of mind. It can be played to meditate, to relieve the stress, during the yoga class. Giving the RAV Vast is also a great way to provide an opportunity to learn something new, get a new hobby and broaden one’s horizons. Check out the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast or D Major, both newbie-friendly and versatile.  

RAV Vast for a child

RAV Vast would be a great gift for a child too. It’s durable so you can give it to children without warning that they will occasionally damage it. The Vast requires literally no learning to instantly start playing real melodies and can easily be acquired by any child. The kid can experiment with the instrument by himself or you can do it together jamming on the matching drums. For this purpose, we recommend to choose the D Major RAV Vast if you think your kid would rather play alone or the D Celtic Minor if you are going to play together as a duet. This will also bolster your relationships with you. Without saying you can learn a lot from your kid. Children are usually more open and tend to be good at improvisation.

RAV Vast for a pro

If you are searching for a high-quality instrument for a handpan player, then you’ll see his eyes flashing with joy when he gets the RAV Vast. The RAV Vast is desired to be tried by many handpan players due to its unique sound and technical characteristics. A great variety of choices will fulfill any wishes. Is your friend a solo player? Or he tends to play with other musicians? Is he a beginner, an intermediate player or a pro? RAV provides a great variety of drums for all these cases.

The great choices for an experienced musician will be mysterious E Low Pygmy, B Celtic double ding with an additional note, or A integral that can perform in both major and minor chords.

No matter for whom you are choosing the RAV Vast, remember a good expression of Richard Moss: “The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention”. After all, we all simply need just a little bit of love.


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