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Looking for a screen protector? Nine reasons why Liquipel Liquid Glass is the first and only choice.

Looking for a screen protector? Nine reasons why Liquipel Liquid Glass is the first and only choice.

How often do you use your smartphone or tablet? Perhaps you have a smartwatch too, with a screen big enough to do what it needs to. Have you ever thought about what you would do if any part of the screen on your devices got cracked, scratched or damaged in some other way that made using the screen difficult or impossible?

Smartphones and tablets are everyday essentials for many people these days, so it’s heartbreaking, never mind inconvenient, and probably even quite expensive if the screen on a well used mobile device gets scratched. To avoid this some people choose to leave on the thin film screen protector added in the factory, but that’s really only good for reducing smudge marks, while traditional peel on and off screen protectors can look clunky and make the screen difficult to read properly.   

Realistically the only way to avoid damage to the screens of your mobile devices from everyday wear and tear is to use some kind of purpose-designed screen protector, and Liquipel Liquid Glass leads the field for several reasons.

1 – It’s effective

There’s no point in messing about buying and applying screen protectors if they don’t work.  Liquipel Liquid Glass protects your phone, tablet or other devices like a smartwatch screens instantly, and it keep on protecting for a long time afterwards, giving you peace of mind. There definitely won’t be anything peeling off or getting chipped while the phone is in your care!

2 – It’s guaranteed

How many other screen protectors come with an amazing one full year guarantee, and the tagline “You break it, we fix it!” So, in the very unlikely situation that the screen on your phone, tablet, or other device protected with Liquipel Liquid Glass does break repairs costing up to $100 will be covered. That’s another reason why this down to earth product is the common sense go-to choice .

3 – It’s cheaper than other products in this field

You will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Liquipel Liquid Glass is a whole lot cheaper than its closest competitors; in fact it is often around a third of their prices. That makes this product great value, as there is no compromise on quality simply because the price tag is much more attractive to shoppers.

4 – It’s discreet

You know it is there, but when applied Liquipel Liquid Glass is not noticeable by anyone else. In fact the only way anyone could see this screen after application is if they put the device under a microscope! This also means the liquid glass cover doesn’t interfere with the quality of visuals on your tablet, watch or phone.

5 – It’s easy to apply

Liquipel Liquid Glass is extremely easy to apply, in one easy no-fuss wipe-on action and your device is protected. There are guidance videos available on the company website for anyone who needs some extra support, or finds a visual demonstration helpful before adding the cover. You won’t be left with bubbles or unsightly missed sections – it really is super easy to use.

Do take the time to get familiar with any clothes etc you may need to apply the Liquipel Liquid Glass, making a note also of the drying time your device needs before you can start using and enjoying it again.

6 – It can be used with any device

Unlike traditional screen protectors you don’t need to buy different products for different devices. No matter what kind of screen using portable device you have, who manufactured it, or which model is yours, Liquipel Liquid Glass is suitable for them all.

7 – It has antibacterial properties

Once applied Liquipel Liquid Glass may be one of the thinnest products of its type on the market, but it manages to deliver more than most others can. Along with the 9H Sapphire strength which makes it so durable the screen also has antibacterial properties.

8 – No more smudgy screens

As most modern devices with screens are touch style today the risk of fingerprint marks and other smudges on the display area are bound to be high, but Liquipel Liquid Glass pretty much eliminates problems like that for good. Think of the time you’ll save not having to rub away at dirty marks, and how much pleasure you’ll get from looking at a sparkly, like new screen every day.

9 – It could save you money in the long term

Liquipel Liquid Glass has been carefully formulated to protect device screens from the damage day to day living can cause. When your phone or tablet is protected with this Nano Coating technology you can relax, confident that the usual minor knocks, scratches and scuffs that everything from keys and coins to sand fine dust particles can cause won’t be giving you grief anytime soon. Liquipel Liquid Glass also helps to keep the everyday dust that is floating round the environment out of your treasured device, reducing the risk of early repairs being needed.

If you have tweenies and teenagers with several devices each – and who doesn’t these days? – Liquipel Liquid Glass will not only save you a lot in screen damage repair bills, but in stress and complaining from your brood too. That alone is worth its weight in gold.

Of course Liquipel Liquid Glass does more than just save you worry and anxiety; it also reduces spending on screen repairs and insurance excesses, never mind the extra premium that will push up the policy costs on renewal as a claim has been made.

Liquipel Liquid Glass gives you the freedom to enjoy your devices and the means to make sure the screens stay in tip-top condition. It’s well reviewed and respected in the industry, and praised for being so flexible. All this for a competitive price, and a one year guarantee on top, it doesn’t get any better, right?


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