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Looking for a Style for your New Home? Combining Comfort, Luxury and Elegance

Looking for a Style for your New Home? Combining Comfort, Luxury and Elegance

Australians have been willing to adopt some elements of the American lifestyle, including certain TV shows, fashion and food. Over the years, Australians have embraced the Hamptons style in regards to their house plans.

The concept of Hamptons housing originates from New York’s elite beachside holiday homes. It has proven to be timeless and continues to inspire designers. It also fits seamlessly into the way of life down under with its beach vibes, subtle aesthetics and luxurious appeal.

Elements of Design

The gracious nature of this type of architecture works well for the region with timber or contemporary adaptations of timber being extensively used along with the appearance of familiar verandahs. There are various aspects of the Hamptons style when designing a house. These include the following:

  • White picket fence
  • Open plan design
  • French doors
  • Plenty of natural lighting
  • Shutters
  • Timber floors
  • Pastel colourpalette with timber fretwork and panels
  • Large verandahs
  • Tiled and darker shades of slimline or gable style roofs

Interior Design

The interior design is all about welcoming, natural, light spaces that are inviting and cosy but not overdone. There is enough room to steer designs towards an elegant aesthetic or more earthy feel, depending on what you prefer. Design tips consist of the following:

  • Beach themed accessories such as driftwood and nautical prints
  • Comfortable throw rugs
  • Linen furnishing
  • Wicker timber furnishing
  • Textured rugs and natural fibres
  • Lantern and pendant-style lighting
  • Statement mirrors and chandeliers
  • Greenery
  • Elegant design and natural materials
  • Light timber floors and a natural feel
  • Neutral or white floors and muted colours

Whether you seek a subtle touch of the style or an entire Hampton’s home, there are several options that make the process easier. What is Hampton’s style all about? Learn more here.

Choosing the Hamptons Style

The classic summer retreats that are associated with New York’s wealthy are known for being luxurious and elegant yet comfortable and casual. They make a statement without being overwhelming. This is the beach house aspect that complements a relaxed lifestyle at the coast perfectly.

More than a Summer House

A Hampton’s home is characterisedby large, open spaces, which are great for entertaining. Indoor spaces lead to alfresco areas and expansive verandahs and every part of the home feels restful and welcoming. These houses feature classic lines that are nostalgic and traditional but manage to include all the contemporary elements that are expected today.

  • The style has recently proved to be a worthwhile choice for people who require classic designs that fulfill local planning requirements and do not want to be restricted to the features of traditional homes.
  • Interiors are typically airy and light with open living spaces and flowing floor plans along with cosy places like window seats, studies or reading lounges that you can retreat to for individual privacy and peace.
  • This style is also well known for combination of crisp white and colourpalette of greysand blues that highlight wood paneling and timber joints, built-in furniture like window seats and bookcases and minimalist moulding.
  • Natural light floods the rooms through strategically positioned doors and windows.
  • Hampton’s homes are expected to age gracefully and look amazing for years to come.


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