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Looking For Podcasts That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat? – Look No More

Looking For Podcasts That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat? – Look No More

Are you an avid podcast listener? Do you enjoy a particular genre, or are you on the lookout for something new every time you search the internet for your next listen?

Are you someone who is just beginning to enter the world of podcasts? Or are you curious about what is out there and what suits you best?

Whichever of these categories you fall into, there is a whole range of genres and sub-genres out there that are going to blow your mind! 

Whether you are looking for information on a topic you want to know more about, a series of episodes to make you laugh your head off, or something a little more serious that will keep you hooked, there’s something for everyone!

We’re going to give you a few recommendations of podcasts that are going to keep you on the edge of your seat for days to come.

The Best Murder and True Crime Podcast

Murder mystery and true crime podcasts are guaranteed to keep you on edge of your seat, wanting more with every episode. We know how gripping these stories can be, and we’ve found the perfect podcast for you to get a taste of them.

My favorite Murderers Podcast

My Favorite Murders Podcast is a series of true crime tales told by longtime friends Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstak. Their episodes also feature guest speakers who are friends and fans with true crime stories of their own.

This pair of American comedians debuted their podcast at #25 on the American iTunes in 2016 before going up to the #3 spot in April 2018. This podcast has its own merchandise with t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and posters!

It has also broken several download records and has a very enthusiastic fan base. What’s more, is that there is an exclusive membership on the official podcast website that gives access to weekly videos and unreleased live shows.

What is it about this podcast that has fans going out in the hundreds and thousands to meet the hosts on their worldwide tours? What makes this particular podcast so big in the genre?

According to several listeners of the podcast, it is the way the hosts combine the horror and grittiness of the crime itself with humor and passion. They include personal anecdotes that make the episodes a little less intense and easier to listen to.

One fan even said that the duo gives “important messages about empowerment, mental illness, and getting through the rough spots in life” through each of the episodes. 

This podcast has over 350 episodes, and each episode averages about an hour in length. You might want to use earphones or headphones if you are around kids, or your family, because there is some explicit language, all in good fun though!

The Best Sports-Comedy Podcast

If you’re looking for a bit of adrenaline to keep you on the edge, you can definitely not go wrong with the Dan le Batard Podcast. Batard and his co-host Jon “Stugotz” Weiner run this podcast on all things sports from the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach.

The Dan Le Batard Podcast

The podcast debuted its first episode in April 2017 and has since released over 2000 episodes! If you want an opinion on the latest sports world updates, this is the podcast for you.

The show also boasts of a huge, widely acclaimed collection of guest speakers who are experts in their respective fields. From episodes on WWE’s Wrestlemania to the NBA and everything in between, Batard does a great job of covering it all.

The hosts and guest speakers have unique takes on each topic, and often have the listening audience in splits with their humor. Listeners simply cannot get enough of this supremely authentic podcast and keep coming back for more!

One listener even said that listening to this show is much like hanging out with a group of friends every day. It is full of inside jokes that take you a little while to get used to, but once you’re in, you’re in!

The amazing thing about this podcast is that it has something new for you almost every day, sometimes even multiple times a day. If you’re just hanging out with your buddies, we would recommend you put on a couple episodes!

This podcast is hosted on a number of websites where you can stream all of the episodes for free. 

Where do I go for podcasts?

In the digital age that we live in now, everything you could ever want is in some part of the internet. From e-books to streaming sites for television shows, it can all be found in a few minutes. Podcasts are no exception to this!

There are several websites you can go to for all your podcast needs. You may have to hunt around a little to find the lesser-known ones, but you’re sure to find them out there.

Podchaser is one of the best tools you can have to help you with this search. The website has details on each podcast, from the date it was released to the details of the most recent episode, all in one place!

Each podcast’s page contains a short synopsis of the podcast, so you know what to expect. If you’re worried about what kind of language is used in it, the website also tells you if there’s explicit content in it!

Most podcast streaming platforms, including Podchaser, have a forum where listeners can post honest reviews of the show and even each episode. If you’re torn between the good and bad reviews, there’s only one way to find out which side you’re on.

Start listening now! There’s a whole world of adventure, comedy, suspense, and so much more just waiting for you. All you have to do is click that button on your screen.

Grab your favorite snack, settle into a comfortable place, and let the unlimited entertainment wash over you. We promise, once you start, you’re never going to want to stop!

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