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Lose Weight by Doing 5 Daily Chores at Home

Lose Weight by Doing 5 Daily Chores at Home

Finding it hard to go to the gym and exercise to lose weight? This is a problem for anyone who juggles several responsibilities at home and the office. But, if you have the will, there is a way to lose weight at home too. And, that involves doing household chores that can lead to weight loss. You might not realize it but doing daily household work can burn a lot of calories. Here are a few household chores that can help you shed off those stubborn pounds:

1.    Mop the floor

Mopping and sweeping the floor is an unavoidable task. But it is an excellent exercise that can burn plenty of calories. Try to bend over while cleaning because it puts more pressure on your calf, abdomen, hip, and thigh muscles. Hold your position for at least 15 seconds when you bend. Also, don’t use a vacuum cleaner. Use a broom and a scrub. This will exert pressure on your entire body as you squat down to clean the floor. Just remember not to arch your back too much.

2.    Dusting walls and ceilings

Dusting the ceilings and walls of all the rooms are an effective way to lose weight. Their effects are similar to taking weight loss capsules like Bioveliss that can counter cholesterol imbalances, excess blood sugar, and accumulation of fat. The more you dust the ceilings and walls, the more you work out the muscles. This also works wonders for your mobility as you get to stretch out your limbs.

3.    Pick up heavy objects from the ground

You may have seen how weightlifters pick up the heavy iron rods from the ground. If you can apply the same technique while lifting heavy objects from the ground like a box of books or a bucket of vegetables, it will help to burn calories. These household chores not only help to lose weight but also tone your muscles. While bending, you exert pressure on your hips, thighs, and abdominal muscles. But make sure you do all the pushing and shoving slowly so that you don’t hurt your back. Hold your position for a while before lifting the objects and use your legs instead of your arms.

4.    Gardening

Gardening involves a full body workout because you need to sweep, clean, squat, and bend while looking after your plants. There are various gardening activities that you need to do such as digging the soil, cleaning the twigs and dried leaves, planting saplings, spreading compost, etc. Watering the trees and plants, lifting buckets of water, and trimming the trees involves a lot of physical effort that burns a significant amount of calories.

5.    Doing your laundry

Washing clothes with your hands instead of using the washing machine are one of the household chores that can aid in weight loss. Your abdominal muscles come under a lot of pressure while you wash your clothes. The physical exertion during this activity, rinsing the clothes, and folding and ironing them are easy techniques to lose weight.

Daily chores may sometimes seem tedious, but if you see them to lose weight, you just might find the motivation to do them every day. You might be surprised at how fast you’re progressing toward your target weight without stepping foot in the gym.


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