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Maintenance tips for garage doors to ensure the proper functioning and long life

Maintenance tips for garage doors to ensure the proper functioning and long life

To get the longest life from your garage door, you must never take it for granted but instead, look after it well by implementing a preventive maintenance plan.  Although garage doors are pretty reliable, they can never be fail-proof because natural wear and tear and ignoring its maintenance will stop someday. Being in touch with some garage door experts should help you learn about proper garage door maintenance techniques. It will drastically reduce the need to navigate to these guys for help.

To avoid the embarrassment of encountering a stuck garage door when you are running late for work, take some measures to ensure that the garage door never lets you down and is always in working condition. Proper and timely maintenance will reduce wear and tear, which is the most common cause of failures. Unfortunately, the risks of failure are too much because besides sticking or locking, garage doors can even fall on cars or people and cause severe damage.

The following garage door maintenance tips that begin with regular lubricating of the door parts should help achieve your goal of ensuring the garage door’s trouble-free operations.

Check the hardware

Start the preventive maintenance with a quick visual inspection of the door along with the hardware. Look for damage to the door and next check the track, springs, fasteners, cable, hinges, and roller wheels for damage and rust. If you detect excessive rusting or damage to the parts, then arrange for a replacement. Do not take chances because the most important thing is to ensure your safety.

Check the nuts and bolts on the roller tracks and brackets that are likely to loosen and tighten these. If your doors have nylon rollers, check for chips and cracks that develop with time. Check the bearing of steel rollers. If there is a tilt to the wheel that causes erratic movement and increase damage due to wear and tear. Check the tracks to detect any damage.

Test the door balance

A proper balance of garage doors ensures the long life of the openers, which must work very hard if the door lacks adequate balance. To check the door balance, deactivate the opener by pulling the release handle. Then lower the door halfway or open it fully to see if it stays in that position on its own or needs your support. If the door remains stable at the position, it shows that the balance is good. On the other hand, if you observe some slight movement of the door upward or downward, you must adjust the tension of the springs.

Test the feature of auto-reverse

Garage doors have the feature of auto-reverse to ensure safety and prevent injury. Once a year, check this feature to ensure that it is working well. Place a large piece of wood or brick underneath the door. Pull down the door to make it touch upon the object and see if it reverses independently. 

Modern door openers have the advanced feature of an electric photo system that can detect objects from a height to activate the auto-reverse feature on time. 

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